“Touch of Heaven” sung by David Funk live at Bethel Church
| Episode 3 of 4 from a special Sunday worship night |

Worship Leader – David Funk | @thedavidfunk
2nd Worship Leader – Rheva Henry | @simplyrheva
3rd Worship Leader – Emmy Rose | @emmyrose_
BGV – Melissa Casey | @melissagracecasey
Electric Guitar – Kenyon Reed | @kenyonthe2nd
Strings – Antonio Marin | @allisonandantonio
Strings Allison Marin | @allisonandantonio
Bass – Tanner Erickson | @tannererickson
Keys – Nick Stailey | @nick.stailey
Drums – JP Gentile | @japes876

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Aodhan King | Hannah Hobbs | Michael Fatkin

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  1. Wow! So blessed by this worship session! Thank you God for Bethel Music! I would just wish, all the ads would be in the beginning or end of the video. I think, it is totally legitimate to monetize videos, but it’s really distracting from the Lord when your deep into worship and then two adds just interrupt it.

  2. Wow! His voice is so special beautiful, and whole music band just on Fire! The way is Violin playing, r u kidding me? Breath taking!!! Such anointed song!

  3. I love Bethel worship and I know that we live in material world and I understand you want to attach one commercial at the beginning of the video but come on, several in the middle of the vid is just too much and pure evil !!! Please knock that off !

  4. 19.42 " I open my to you to do what only can" humbles me to know that am a piece of clay and my potter can do whatever he wants book of revelation chapter 6 reminds me we living in the end times we should live a life surrendered to God a life that pleases him alone


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