NASA Sending a Mission to TOUCH the SUN –

Mysteries at Jupiter: NASA’s Juno Probe Reveals Cyclones, Auroras & Surprises –

House of Cards – Bohemian Grove “Elysian Fields” Reference:

Why is CERN Going to Bildeberg this year? [Truthstream Media]:

CERN: Why is the Director of CERN at BILDEBERG 2017 [RichieFromBoston]:

[music] Cloudkicker – “I admit it now. I was scared. We were all scared…”



  1. And let's face it!! We have been stripped by those PTB, Of any ans all sense of "dominion" even over ourselves. We have lost our contact with nature, with the spiritual realm, with our own sense of purpose.

  2. Wow!!! You nailed it brother! I agree with you that it, for Christians, should be about what God gave us dominion over. The Church as a whole is so blind to the deception that has taken over the world and many churches are even inviting into their pulpits!

  3. We are trying to understand,aybe one day we will. What I find interesting is YouTube ban Alex Jones and now have demonetised… your universe…. But have not touched any of the flat earth main channels of jeranism, globe busters etc. Something very strange is going on.

  4. Thankful for this channel. Not my area of expertise, so I especially appreciate hearing an intelligent, thoughtful, and most importantly, Godly take on these happenings. Always learn something, and I often feel spiritually blessed from watching.

  5. I’m with you dude.. I’ve been studying the FE for years now and myself am coming to the conclusion that the stars and plants are the fallen angels and a spiritual realm, the ancient gods “ little g” of old myth stories…We are the center of the universe. The apple of gods eye, any anything from nasa is a lie. After all… nasa in ancient Hebrew means to deceive..

  6. " Even if you will make your nest between the stars, remember that, I, Your God I can make you crash to earth from there too." It is in the Bible. Our understanding is not complete considering only the distance to the stars.

  7. " God said let us make man in OUR immage." Does anybody see a problem with this? Of course this doesn't mean that God does not exist. My question is how does God exist, what is God, where is God, is it a spirit or something else; something incomprehensible to the human brain. Don't worry, all the thruth shall be revealed on the day of resurrection.

  8. So they claim to have all this new tech that can touch the Sun, but still no man has walked on the Moon. This is just food for thought for all the globe/egg/pear believers, since the dome above us is unpassable and the Moon is not what they teach us, same thing with the Sun; both are artificial lights. Good video to watch how more advanced beings create life is a long presentation by Alex Collier( it's the one with a thumbnail of him in front of 3 white boards). It's like 2hrs long.

  9. "All through the ages the Light has been hidden, awake, oh man, and be wise. When Darkness is over and all veils are rended, out, there will flash, from the Darkness, the Light." ~Thoth

    "The Light that shone for creation no longer appears in it." ~Jesus Christ, in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures.

  10. What if the moon and sun are merely circular bottoms of much larger objects? From our perspective, how do we prove they are spheres? What if they are merely circular windows cut into the molten glass dome/firmament, which rotate with the celestial sphere? Perhaps that is why we see the same side of the moon? It is not even a sphere but a window? Perhaps it is the secret window by way of which Watchers peer into our reality, as voyeurs?👀🎬

  11. The hour seems closer than ever. These videos seem true enough and rare enough to note that here we are with a view not many hold. I hope you're all ready for this fearful and amazing time that's upon us.

  12. Love your videos knowing i am living in sin and trying to break free trident makes this scary and real pray for me i can not do this in my power i ask you to join me were 2 or more are gathered in jesus name and agree upon a matter it will be done. Thank you

  13. I've just recently found your channel and really blessed by your videos!
    As a true believer in the God of the Bible and Jesus, the way, the truth and the light, I have wondered what the secret space program has been about as it relates to supposed UFO sightings. There is way too much evidence of some sort – slight of hand, project blue beam, or our own governments using secret technology to manufacture what seems to be alien space craft for many decades now, to deny that there is something! Do you have or plan to do a video on what these are? Some have noticed a connection and increase as it relates to prophetic events with Jerusalem. I believe they are demonic beings from another dimension, but was wondering if it could be possible that they are actually real and made by secret space program to advance their agenda. How do they fit into FE? Thanks !

  14. You have a wonderful voice ,,,,,it compels a deeper listening,,,beautifully constructed , admirable research ,,,,you are an exceptional talent ,,,,God is good❤️🤠👍☮️

  15. THE ONLY THING NASA PUT IN TO SPACE IS ARE MINDS – Kicking NASA in the Balls!!!  FAKE SPACE PHOTOS CGI, ,TRUMP'S MAFIA MACHINE , LIGHT COMES OUT OF DARK MATTER AND EARTH IS FLAT, THAT GOD IS REAL AND SPACE IS FAKE NEWS, NASA IS GOING DOWN, FAKE SpaceX NASAASS A JOKE, IF YOU THINK SPACE IS REAL YOU LOST YOUR MIND and your money space is fake we live under The Firmament Look on  YOUTUBE ,Poolside Seats to The Wonder Works of NASA,  It's easy to fake ISS footage with Scott Kelly Research Flat Earth   Eric Dubay 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball, The Top 10 Reasons I Don't Trust NASA, Jack Parsons , Jesuits & the Global Conspiracy! Rob Skiba ,   ODD Reality,,  jeranism,  GLOBEBUSTERS,, ,  Continent, Mt. Meru ,  Operation High Jump; Journey to Antarctica to find the Dome ,


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