Watchtower over Tomorrow (1945)

Prime Minister of Malta talking about Blockchain and Crypto at the UN meeting –

Kevin Werbach: “The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust” | Talks at Google –

Libra – Zuckerberg’s dangerous cryptocurrency lie –

The Forbidden Secret with Dr Stanley Monteith 2007

“How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” – by Grace & Leah –

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  1. Keep the faith brother! You hit it on the head at the end. The stress on inter-personal relationships when one is a "true-believer" can be overwhelming.
    You have the vision tho, so keep them coming!! The Most High God has blessed you greatly. Your ability to take these complex ideas and help others understand what it all is pointing toward gives others hope!
    The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him. Nahum 1:7

  2. I find it strange that every business that claims to offer more transparency through their technology do most of their work and research in the shadows. It is like leaving your lights on inside the house at night, you can see better whats inside from the view outside but when you look out the window, all you can see is your reflection.

  3. Thank you Will, for another great video and may God bless and encourage you to keep up the good work! You are an encouragement and a blessing to so many of us who were previously unaware of all these things going on that you talk about in your videos. I am hooked on your Channel it is my absolute favorite right next to Owen Benjamin's or big bear as we like to call him. Your Aethereal movie blew my mind and opened my eyes to so much and I cannot thank you enough for that! My daughter and I are hooked on you and the truth you bring us. I really do thank God for you and pray his mighty blessings upon you!

  4. They're going to get everybody locked into digital currency. Then, once they have everyone by the balls they're going to wheel out the chip that goes in your head that's mandatory to access the system. The preachers will give the go ahead because the chip won't have a name or a number on it. After a few years when the chip is in everybody's head (or hand) there will be an upgrade necessary to continue using the chip and associated software. Expect the grinning antichrist, whose minions cooked up the entire scheme, to appear on screen with a big #666 sign around his neck. He'll offer you a digital pen to check YES or NO boxes with the terms of the agreement. HUGE red letters will appear in the contract: "checking YES signifies that you willingly and enthusiastically agree to worship ME, Mr. XXX, #666 ie. SATAN as your GOD. Check NO, you lose everything material, including your life. Check YES, you gain the world and lose your soul. Choose wisely.

  5. You need you some NT WRIGHT teachings and less hopeless despair. Jesus won. โ€œThis generation will not pass until all these things come to passโ€. Obviously that means 2000 years later!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Your perspective is dark and pathetic. Little understanding of what happened in the cosmos when Jesus WON for us. On earth as it is in heaven. Stop crying outside the gates and come in an clean yourself up!

  6. and i have a family member who has a spying device in his place lol

    and that's how I knew he
    was lost

    he thinks I'm lost
    yet he believes the earth is a ball

    I told him
    he will understand when he dies
    because if he won't listen here

    he will be forced to listen than

  7. Thank you so very much. This is such a timely video for me. I needed to read comments from like minded people right now. People all around me do not see things progressing. Was told tonight I'm an embarrassment, a fool, and deceived by satan. Spouse is not seeing any of it. Whew, very challenging times. Prayers and peace.

  8. THANKS WILL! Appreciate all the deep thought, hard work, & care you put into this important, informative Presentation. You have a spirit of excellence. Most importantly is you make it that JESUS is the answer,the hope.
    God bless & stay well. Appreciate you Brother.


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