Transgender actor Laverne Cox, in an interview with Pose star Angelica Ross on their podcast If We’re Being Honest, opened up about the stigma surrounding a straight man dating a transgender woman.

“It’s deeply problematic,” says Cox, “when people hear that a famous man is with a trans woman, and they automatically think he’s gay.”

Cox adds, “because that is disavowing the womanhood of trans women. And it is not acknowledging that sexuality exists on a spectrum and that people can be into a trans woman and be completely straight.”

“I can’t believe in 2022,” Cox continues, “we are still dealing with stigma, and there are so many men, celebrity men, famous men, who are terrified of people finding out that they are sleeping with trans women. I honestly can’t believe it!”

The comments on the 90-second clip from the show on E! Entertainment’s YouTube channel received mixed feedback.

While one user commented, “Bizarro world,” another said, “the fact that interviews like these are happening is incredible and we [are] headed to the future.”

Laverne Cox, who first rose to fame for her role as Sophia Burset on the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black, was born as a biological male and, according to Out, was included in People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Women List in 2015.

E! News writes that the aim of the podcast was to “sit down to discuss their scariest dating experiences as transgender women.” Turns out, when it comes to the dating scene in 2022, unlike Laverne, not everyone is into Cox.

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