Transbeman 101 –

Martine Rothblatt and the Death of Death (interview with Ray Kurzweil) –

From Transgender to Transhuman: A Manifesto On the Freedom Of Form –

Martine Rothblatt at the Church of Perpetual Life –

Living in Space Settlements in our lifetimes (Rothblatt) –

BINARY DREAMS: How AI Sees the Universe –

“Robo-Thread” (MIT nanotech 2019) –

“I’m Transhuman. I’m going to become digital” (BBC 2019) –

Intro – Panoptique Electrical – In A Forest Forlorn –
Outro – Exxasens – Your Dreams Are My Dreams –

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  1. I think that these transsexuals grew up with rejection and didn't feel like they fit in because no one was attracted to them or they had feelings for the same sex. Their talents and creativity were not placed or acknowledged as much as someone's proclivity towards sports attractiveness or popularity. This obviously would leave someone disempowered, which emotionally, causes pain. Defining thoughts and intellects and personality or creativity as the primary importance of humanity instead of religion God our heavenly father or contributing to humanity other than having offspring or let's say children, could give one a sense of purpose or a sense of importance or contribution to the community. Books are documents of people and their lives and their contribution of thoughts and ideas. Like the epic of Gilgamesh, importance doesn't come from reproduction but becoming eternal through contributions of knowledge instead of reproduction. This would also place transgender's as the primary important species giving them a leg up against there once abusive breeders, so to speak. This could give them a leg up if they put intelligence above Faith religion, marriage and family and community. What intelligence doesn't have or address is compassion. I don't think that artificial intelligence can ever learn compassion. Our compassion for others should be primary not intellectual prowess. Here's some food for thought.

  2. Only I can do my birthday 🎉 you like that post… I know you hate me because even baby means hate in humanoid world… hopefully I can just go to heaven…I don’t want to see zombies

  3. The transhuman narrative is simply an extension of their fake evolution, fake space, fake moon landing, fake Mars landing, fake globe, fake ISS science-fiction fairy tale.

  4. As someone who is a descendant of enslaved people and will never know the true name of my own bloodline. The idea of comparing slave masters and identifying with slaves, to slave master and identifying with people who willing change their gender is absolutely asinine. Both sad and laughable what some people accept as their “truth”. The apartheid of sex…come on now

  5. Yes, Martin(e ) has most definitively evolved from a monkey… completely delusional about biology, so it`s normal that the rest of its thoughts are delusional aswell….. Now, here is another thought…. if she`s going from transgender to transhuman, I mean, becomes data, then she`ll be back binary, no? lol. Is this satanic or just God`s humour? lol.

  6. Transgender priests, oracles etc go back to the ancient world and occult practices. The transgender movement is nothing new, it’s just the old occult priesthoods coming into the mainstream.

  7. Teilhard quotes "…love is the glue that holds all thing's together."
    Oh, really?
    Is that the same glue that he used to glue together the half ape skull and the half human skull for his "Piltdown Man" hoax?
    You know, the hoax that tricked the scientific community into putting it into scientific University study books for 40 years? Yeah…that one.

  8. 20:29 – “gross sexual anatomy”. These deviants are a modern incarnation of the gnostic heresy of the Cathars (Albigensians) of medieval France, for whom matter was evil and spirit good. All manner of perversion was permitted, since the body, being material, could do none other than sin. Their elite attempted to transcend their evil material bodies by denying themselves sexual congress and other pleasures of the flesh. The rank and file abandoned marriage and indulged themselves in fornication and homosexual acts.

  9. This is Jesuit casuistry and Jesuit theater has created the false "Space" narrative that these deniers of who they follow, which is Satanic and from Satan himself. Satan lied to man saying, ye will not surely die, ye shall be as God's, knowing good and evil. We aren't like God, we die and we cannot know God and Evil without Him and His Word.
    This Martin fellow has been deceived by Satan through the Jesuits, Teilhard de Chardin is the New Ages pseudo savior and as such he has led them down the path to death, the second death from which there is no return. Revelation 20. Maranatha!

  10. 🧐 Just as the pharmacia cult has spell casted the masses into believing in their magic potion so will the technocratic cult trick the fools into believing they are uploading their consciousness into their little black boxes. That’s when the world will give the green light to fast track the euthanasia agenda. Depopulation 101
    Due to a select few’s withheld understanding of the heavens movements the controlled masses were once tricked into mass murder to appease the “gods”. In our time it has now shifted to a fear of killing their god Gaia through climate change. But the thing that remains the same is the fear placed in man of a coming destruction if man does not sacrifice themselves. It’s time we start connecting the dots.

  11. Funny how the individuals who insist “male” and “female” are social constructs are the very ones who prove the uniqueness of sex. Every time I see a transitioning male proudly showing off his breast buds from hormone therapy, I am reminded of how real women experienced the exact opposite during the early stages of puberty. It was mortifying to feel like one’s body was developing under public scrutiny so we sought to diminish or hide it altogether. The fact that transgenders so brazenly flaunt their new bodily changes in provocative clothing at a time in “development” when females felt most vulnerable and insecure about themselves ends up being the consummate irony- as real females we do in fact share a collective experience that forms part of our identity. Yet even when our identity is reduced to a social construct, males still can’t get in on it…

  12. 🧐 Satan loves to corrupt the natural order of things established by God. Absolution is the enemy of perversion. They want accountability to be abolished within a virtual world where they can endulge in the greatest depravity man has yet to have performed. But they will call it advancement of the human race and will remove anyone in the way.

  13. Interesting how Darwinianism suits the powerful when they have power. (Survival of the fittest over the poor) but when God and nature shuts down fertility due to how many causes- plastics, chemicals, free roaming hormone mimics, genetic issues… then they resort to in vitro.

  14. You get rid of gender ergo you get rid of Creation ergo you get rid of the Living God. You get rid of death ergo you get rid of the need for Salvation ergo you get rid of the Living God’s Redemption Plan ergo you get rid of God. Jesus said the start (Noah’s day) would be like the end (our day). The mystery of iniquity – (s=start, e=end) – s) Genesis ch 1v26+27 – man created / e) Revelation ch 13 – mark of the beast will genetically change you. s) Genesis ch 3v3-5 – wont die will be like gods (fallen angels Psalm 82v6) / e) Revelation ch 9v6 – can’t die, a form of immortality. s) Genesis ch 3v15 – woman’s seed v serpent’s seed (genetic war) / e) Isaiah ch 14v29, 59v5, Ezekiel ch 29v3 – genetic war. Genesis ch 6v1-4 – creation of a genetic line which should never have existed. Revelation ch 14v6 – people will be in no doubt as to what the mark of the beast is because an angel will fly in our skies warning people not to take it and what happens if you do. Daniel ch 7 – the fourth kingdom – the other three were Babylon, Sodom and Egypt – all were the rebellious fallen angels lived and bred – Numbers ch 13v33, 2 Samuel ch 23v20, Amos ch 2v9. The kingdom before the flood was destroyed. Psalm 82. John ch 14v6. You can call the references up online.

  15. I totally agree about Twitter. Elon Musk is so demonic. I hope God stops all this before it happens. It just makes me sick in my Spirit and Soul. Our God Reigns! Reprobate minds!

  16. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Genesis 3:4

    “And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:” Immortality is NOT eternal life. Matthew 16:25

    “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Psalm 62:5 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

  17. The “elites” are already androgynes—like Bill Gates & “wife,” Elon Musk and her “wives” and “mother,” Lou Henry Hoover, Martha Washington, Big Mike & ObaMao, Trump and her “wives,” Kissinger and her “wife,” Happy Rockefeller, all Hollywood celebrities, and all high level world leaders going all the way back thru time. They want to rule us openly, and to do that, they must destroy sexual dimorphism in humans. Then they’ll remove your soul from your body and upload it to the mainframe. Listen to Elon’s “wife’s” music video, “We Appreciate Power.” Grimes tells you what they’re up to.


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