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  1. I was warned about the BEPs a few years ago. I don't listen to any of that junk anyway, but was made aware of their transhuman themed videos. This stuf is really scary, but you can't hide from it either.

  2. Brothers and Sisters. Its so nice to see alot of people waking up. I mean the list goes on how the LORD has started to gather an army of soldiers. Things are coming very very soon. This world is about to change and we need to stick to our disciples in CHRIST. may the LORD bless you all. 

  3. You are truly blessed by God.  You have such vision. You see past the ordinary and bring it all to light.  I can't thank you enough for making these videos.  They have helped me and taught me so much!  Much love! 

  4. EXACTLY….less people to control…..I tried to explain this to someone not long ago.

    HAH…was getting ready to go watch something funny on TV and received a couple of nasty emails to a few posts of mine and saw your vid…..Great vid….keep them coming friend and hope your Thanksgiving was good.


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