Transhumanism is your enemy!
See Part 1 Mark of the Beast:
See Part 2: Digital Messiah:
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  1. Thank you very much brother. God is Calling me to show other those things.. Ive been watching for a few yrs but now God pointing this out to me again..
    God bless you.

  2. Makes me so sad that these people are so misinformed. Mad Men. Maybe if they stopped the Chemicsl trails then our brains would be in much better shape. Then we can go back to real good food. Unfortunately don't see that happening.

  3. Aahhh! The world is mad in both directions. Trying to be normal doesn't appear to be possible. Both sides seem to be insane in their actions. Step back and view what people are doing and saying and keep your sanity and reason to yourself. Stop hollering. Eccl. 9 gives you the solution. Please read and know peace.

  4. Oy Voy! People just don't seem to understand what is going on. I do and will always be LOYAL to Elohim, what are these people thinking? I just don't understand what these people are thinking. Just don't get it. My thoughts on this as I'm totally ready to get this planet. I stay ready to go Home. Yah Bless (barak) you and all of your people who listen to your channel. Aloha

  5. Ppl are playing God and as God foretold “ if he not repent, he will come back in an all consuming fire, and the wicked shall not enter his rest, but be in eternal torment” do u think humans are that smart? No for they coheres with demons, for even Satan conforms to an angel of light, these ppl have learned this crap from the rulers of darkness they are insane, and this was 6 yrs ago look at it now !?

  6. I say..they won't stop.By God's design his will be done.I say let em bring it on…it draws us closer to the great day of the the LORD.Every knee will bow and confess Christ is LORD.There is no other..there is no greater.All these efforts to be a god .The true and living God laughs at their futile efforts.

  7. These people have no idea what it means to be human, no soul,
    Do u want to be a human or a computer, u can be both, and if 7 hate being a human that much , just end ur life , but don't force that shit on me

  8. Your a fucking human, humans can't make God's, humans can't become God's, ur human accept it, a very sick one at that, these people should be killed, I don't wanna be a God I wanna stay human , f these people
    The only person who wants to be God is the devil

  9. Transformers !!! Humans in Disguise !!! You First !!! 🙂 So Check out David Whitehead the Truth Warrior and Crrow777 and Jeff Censored the most censored head on YT and Check out Owen Benjamin and the Sage of Quay and Jon Ramirez Top Man who was a Satanist for 25yrs And now he Preaches the Word of the Lord 🙂 ** So Enjoy And God Bless ( robot bless) Doesn't have the same ring to it ??? So God Bless again from Sunny England 🙂 !!!!

  10. These very intelligent ppl are so very foolish. Trusting Satan who rules the world to upgrade us is totally ignorant if his true character. Satan comes to steal, kill & destroy.

  11. Love people & use things. Not the other way around. But put the Holy God of Heaven FIRST & ABOVE everything & everyone, esp yourself. Putting yourself first is the SAME AS WORSHIPPING LUCIFER. Bc that is conforming into the very likeness of the fallen angel that rules & deceives the whole world.

  12. Conjob 19 is the Trojan horse for this bullshit to be implemented against our will via the vaccine and most will be oblivious to it if only we listened to the una bomber instead of making him out to be crazy

  13. The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day. For the day of the LORD of hosts shall come upon EVERYTHING PROUD AND LOFTY, upon EVERYTHING LIFTED UP—-AND IT SHALL BE BROUGHT LOW. Isaiah 2:11-12.


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