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Tribulation Saints: Who? What? Why? Where? When? How? Answered by Theologian Raju in Telugu
Who are the tribulation saints? What happens to those people who get saved during the tribulation? Answered by Theologian Raju
What are tribulation saints? Who will be saved during the tribulation? Will many people become believers in Christ during the Tribulation?
Raju was born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh, where his parents Jacob and Suvarna are pastors. He completed a Bachelor’s Degree with Gold Medal from Krishna University and pursued a Master’s Degree from Asia Theological Association with an Academic Award. Presently pursuing his another Master’s in Counselling Psychology from Martin Luther Christian University. He started the program Bible Got Answers under Raju The King Ministries, which is exclusively for answering the questions from the Bible. This program equips the Christendom and Christians with knowledge, truth and empowers them to understand the Bible in a simple manner in ordered to strengthen their spiritual and practical aspects. He is passionate to teach and preach the Bible and want to equip the leaders and believers with sound Word of God and especially clarifying their questions regarding their practical and spiritual issues. Videos will be available in English and Telugu.

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