1. imagine being one of the sad, profoundly incapable so-called ‘intellectuals’ that thinks they actually make a difference in spreading rage-induced, infantile teenage atheism. I’d like to see how much you really know about the Bible, Qu’ran, Torah or any of the Eastern texts; you probably have next to no knowledge about the philosophical underpinnings of atheism, knowledge of religion aside. This humor does not age well.

  2. Day of Judgement is coming. Be ready to face God, because he is coming soon. Vengeance is mine says the Lord! Re raid? you RAN with your tail between your legs like a dog, you were rebuked in Jesus Holy Name. Come to Christ before it is too late, for He is coming, soon! Read the Book of Revelation, better still, read the Gospel. We forgive you. Beg God to! John.3:16.


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