The war on Ukraine continues to be the big story of course as famously-neutral Switzerland is taking action against Russia by freezing assets, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has shown great courage under fire and is a helluva swing dancer too, Trump was quarter pounding his little fists at CPAC this weekend explaining in no detail why he believes that there would be no war if he was still in office, he finally has “proof” that the election was stolen from him, shared his plans to run for President in 2024, Americans are fighting back at Russia by pulling vodka from their shelves, Russian OnlyFans entertainers were locked out of their accounts over the weekend, another Trump tell-all book is on the way from former Attorney General Bill Barr, and Jimmy has officially made the QAnon list of celebrities and world leaders that have supposedly been arrested and/or executed.

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  1. Once again Timmy Fumble screwed it up!
    President Trump didn't say NATO wouldn't exist without him…
    President Trump said NATO wouldn't exist today without America's financial support (our taxpayers money) because many other countries have not been paying their share to NATO as they just let the United States pay for their share…

    President Trump put an end to that 🤜🤛

  2. I knew it all along,….Jimmy had to have had himself cloned. A few times? He was over at my place last night, doing my dishes while his show was on my TV. Then i find out today from my buddy that he was doing the dishes at his place the night before, same story. I'm starting a "Where's Jimmy" fan club (ala, "Where's Waldo"), to see if we can locate the original Jimmy, and find out whose dishes he's doing.

  3. Trump eats McDonalds
    Jimmy Kimmel: How can we have a president that's eating junk food!!!

    Biden causes Russia to invade Ukraine, cannot deescalate the conflict, destroys the economy and causes inflation to skyrocket
    Jimmy Kimmel: Biden is good president because he's a democrat and democrat = good people.

  4. This guy is a huge clown and shames himself 24/7. When someone tells him to nod his head and clap, he sure does. The rest of you here are jokes as well, see you 2024 😉

  5. No one condones this war. Shame on those who mock Trump! There were NO WARS when he was the President!! All mainstream comedians – you’re all talking heads, millionaires & puppets

  6. Jimmy loves using this moron Trump and his idiotic republicans as a punching bag but will never write a lot of critical jokes about how evil and corrupt the Democratic Party is to it’s core base of supporters that are mostly poor and middle class but will always cater to whatever rich Democratic voters and donors want.

  7. WTF: Jimmy Kimmel has been cloned??? 🤔. Then WTF is Trump: surely he can’t be human indicative of whatever spell he or someone has put on his minions??? 😜. QUESTION EVERYTHING: What Is The Truth (WITT)??? 🤨. GYHOOYA: OYE!!! 😳

  8. Because Biden is just doing great threatening to nuclear bomb Iran going to war with Russia and gas prices sky rocketing its amazing welcome to the coming apocalypse.

  9. Mexican people and people of Mexican descent, are very conservative, hard working, family oriented, believe in God, etc., and it is not a surprise that among Hispanics, Biden has the lowest approval ratings in the whole country. We should always vote Republican. You will see the results in November and 2024. Hispanics for Trump/DeSantis.

  10. Star…

    U nemployment,too much population poverty dieses is the main reason behind various types of crime , climate change,war will result to more poverty dieses crime , try to help and support to reduce poverty to stop war of the world Russia Rocky Ukraine, fire and fury,Noah, Gandhi,edge of tomorrow,alien, predator, Jurassic world,cast away, Amazon prime, grow more trees save fresh drinking water food and daily required things for life energy like solar wind ,human are not machine too much population with limited resources is very very dangerous to all life due to many problem on beautiful mother earth Elon Musk decided mission Mars

  11. Wendy is a true nut. You can't clone a dead person (she says they were executed and then cloned) … you need live tissue in which to implant the DNA. The Tin Foil Hat Group are absolute nuts! Thankfully I'm Canadian and can laugh at this … not have to live with this in my country.


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