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  1. I'm scared, I live only 4 hours away from the coast. If they actually do something that comes over, we might be affected. But I must have faith in God, for ''tis country has fallen into the wrong hands

  2. Trump loves money. He wants wall to be built. He wants war. with who. War is not good for are world. Are world has water. So you don't die. Die is a verb. It repents words in ABC. ABC has 26 letters. 26 letters is how many years till WW4. ABC has 3 letters. The illuminati has 3 sides. Sides has I in it. The illuminati has one eye. Trump is the illuminati confirmed.

  3. WW3 was mentioned before Trump was elected place as president. He came in on the action and said: we will have war with those motnerf*cking chinese. Well so is this true. Well I'm samoan but still.

  4. If Trump is an illuminati puppet, why is he such a nationalist? And why do the globalists hate him so much? Why does he oppose all of these global trade agreements? I agree that we are on the verge of war, but OBAMA is the one who has made it all but inevitable.

    It was OBAMA that pulled the rug out of everything in Iraq just when it was getting stable. ALL of his military advisers told him to leave at least 15,000 troops in to keep things stable but of course OBAMA knows everything and no one can tell him anything.

    The result was ISIS and the total breakdown of Iraq and the flooding of Isis personnel into Syria. The civil war there has killed HALF A MILLION people including tens of thousands of children. The flood of "refugees" into Europe has created a CATASTROPHE. Women in Europe can't even leave their homes for fear of being sexually assualted by gentle, peaceful muslims.

    This doesn't even count the American citizens who are being attacked, raped and murdered by the illegal aliens and more gentle muslims courtesy of OBAMA and the GLOBALIST democrat party.

    This doesn't even count the illegal "agreement" OBAMA made with IRAN the number one terrorist nation on Earth. He HELPED them get nukes. ON PURPOSE. He sent them PLANELOADS of CASH. OUR MONEY.

    OBAMA overthrew Gadaffi in LIBYA. The result was an even worse, destroyed Libya with more muslims flooding Europe as Obama intended. Oh Yeah and BENGAZI. Four dead Americans and MONTHS of BARE FACED LIES to our people.

    It would take a thousand pages just to list the vile, evil things Obama has done. He should be on death row awaiting execution for his crimes against humanity.

  5. All of those guys ho voted for Trump are all going to face his errors Hilary would not start this war humanity will not be separated by race God looks down to earth and sees all people the same and like the guy said WE R GOING TO WAR

  6. hey yeah I got one thing to say about Donald Trump f*** you put us through so much b***** nobody wanted you to be president everybody voted for Hillary so kiss my ass and I hope you burn in hell for trying to start World War 3

  7. when it comes to things like this and we're supposed to be shitting ourselves with fear, I can't help but think of a line from "Bad Santa" where Billy Bob Thornton is on his lunch break eating a salad and a lady threatens to report him to his manager and he says "if you think you can make my Fuckin life any worse go ahead, take a shot." the world is already Fucked mates, and if we all go down in a nuclear destruction, I don't really give a Fuck. the way I look at it, no more struggling through every day on this failed experiment called earth.

  8. I get what your saying but you keep saying mustard gas it was sarin which has these symptoms so those images would show this. also there are many more images that show the victims with typical sarin toxicity. im not saying the points you make are wrong overall but what you say about those pics and being mustard gas are wrong so half of the argument is void. just saying..


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