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  1. I get the impression you are a fool. You are looking into the opposit direction than you should be.

    It's not pronounced protest-tent.

    There really is not a Trump Conspericy. The left trys to project their own acts. AMD, when you look at eaxh group actions, makes it perfectly clear.

    Though we can agree the Marxists World Globalist which is the Democratic party, trying to bring about the NWO.

    Though Trump is against that and had been trying to put a stop against it.

  2. Christian's will come out of the wicked church and worship Jesus in spirit. President Trump was put in office by the God of Isreal. President Trump will bring justice to the wicked satanic elite. Your foolish statements are not true. President Trump is a patriot. President trump is and is going to clean out the evil ones.


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