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Donald Trump has written to pro-life campaigners to seek their support ahead of the November presidential elections. 

Trump said he had “proudly governed as the most pro-life president in our nation’s history,” and that he wanted this to continue by being re-elected. 

In the letter to Pro-Life Voices for Trump, the President said that if he wins another four years in the White House, he will work to ban terminations after 20 weeks, and introduce protections for babies born alive during botched abortions. 

He also committed to “fully defund the big abortion industry” and organizations like Planned Parenthood. 

The President said Joe Biden had “doubled down” on pro-abortion positions by choosing “abortion extremist” Kamala Harris as his running mate. 

“As I seek re-election this November, I need your help in contrasting my bold pro-life leadership with Joe Biden’s abortion extremism,” he said.

“The Democratic Party unequivocally supports abortion on-demand, up until the moment of birth, and even infanticide — leaving babies to die after failed abortions.

“Joe Biden’s embrace of this extreme position is most evidenced by his support for taxpayer funding of abortion on-demand. Forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions is an abhorrent position that must be defeated at the ballot box.”

He added, “With your help, I will win re-election, ensuring we have another four years to fight in the trenches for unborn children and their mothers.”


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