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  1. Mr you are sounding more & more like "a FEAR Mongerer", what gives THIS is the 3rd Video of Yours you've Got it Wrong! I'm Concerned your focusing on whose News!? POTUS is Referring to Online TERRORIST RECRUITERS, PEDO & DRUG TRAFFICKING RINGS, HUMAN BODY PART SALES & ALIKE! He's Targeting The NWO Satanic Cabal SM OWNERS Making it Possible for these PSYCHOPATHS to CONNECT On their INTERNET! BTW NWO CABAL STOLE IT From The Original Creator, Then SOLD IT Over Seas so They would have Less USA Restrictions! POTUS is TRYING to RECOVER IT! WAKE UP to The TRUTH of This SICK WORLD! THIS isn't About USA Alone, ITS GLOBAL!

  2. People sound foolish when they say that trump is no mahsia as if we don't know that, we just understand that God clearly didn't want Obama and Hillary to remain in power so Jesus gave us trump and pence but i thank God for that not trump.

  3. We have taken our freedoms for granted and the internet too far. The internet also harbors and creates child sex predators plus terrorism!!! Trump understands that not all people are competent enough to use the internet wisely, Trump is right. Foolishness needs no place in our children's minds. Freedom of privacy on the internet…never! Once again, taking our rights and freedoms for granted and for the worse, it needs to stop!

  4. a certain few are already censoring you tube and facebook.  who owns you tube  facebook.     shut down guys.  start another American internet open to the free market authored by the Ten commandments of God.     HE IS RIGHT   TIME IS SHORT.  CAN YOU SPELL EXPEDIANT   FAST AND SLICKER THAN MERCURY TIME IS SPEEDING BY.

  5. you sir are wrong, just like so many others. they take some of what a person says in order to lead up to getting to talk about what the true agenda is or to voice their opinion.. try playing the whole context of what was being said.. for ANY person you are saying said what. i happen to know you left the subject out of your video clip and honed in on the words you wanted heard in order to talk of religion and your opinion of it. although i am not against anyone's freedom of speech and practice of religion of choice, i do insist, when using another to pass your opinions on, that you at least do so truthfully.

    Trump talked about this in his speech today.
    So please don't try to spread this lie any more. TRUMP 2016

  7. As long as we assume others have authority over us, we wont have any authority over our own lives. Its THAT simple. Government- two words. GOVERN (to rule, control.) MENT (from the latin word Mente meaning mind or thoughts). If someone is in government, they are part of THAT world, no matter WHO they are. And without any governments, war, death, destruction, and debt slavery or any other kind of slavery, wouldn't be a thing.  After hurricane Katrina, government was gone for some time here in this small town I live in. And people pulled together like never before, and got on just fine without them. The cities, that's a different story, because of gun laws, the strong prey on the weak. When we abolish government, life will finally begin.


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