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  1. I'm 53, I never trusted government the day I studied the Trail of Tears in school. Something whispered to me that the government's of the earth is going to kill its ppl. I tried telling ppl about my vissions I was having and was thought to be crazy being I was so young. Now I look around and Not much surprises me. Trump is Jesuit taught, the pope is Jesuit… I'm very suspicious.

  2. Becareful bro, Donald Trump is different, it seems like you are looking for new window of opportunity to produce more videos, I am not buying your idea on this one, there is shift taking place and is a good one, restoring the moral standards of the nation is gr great,As long as people put their trust in God they will be fine, Trump is playing a very important role in this era#fear not folks except for the liberals.

  3. First off we need to stop all this "gender" foolishness, It's called the sexes MALE or FEMALE NOT "gender". You can manipulate your genitalia all you want but you will always be either XX or XY.

  4. Wow. It makes me relieved that I am an atheist. Religion is, in my belief, man-made. It can be a help and comfort for many people, which is great. But humans also use religion to create chaos and hatred. Look at this comment section. People hating on each other. People hating on other types of Christians, which THEY mean are not the right Christians. People hating on homosexuals. What is wrong with peace and love people? Why be such haters? Why make everything so complicated?

  5. to me you are talking nonsense it is written in the Bible that this stuff is going to happen no matter how much you all complain and b**. it's all downhill no matter what president in office. judgment is coming

  6. I am in 100% agreement with you on Trump. I have done research. I watched another video where it said he exposed the Illuminati but he was with Jesuits at some type of dinner and he mentioned existentialism. I read that this is one of the words these evil groups use. After I watched that video and had listened to your videos I realized what is really going on and it is scary. I never thought this would happen in my lifetime but I am very happy to say that I am a Christian and I would be happy to die for my faith. I'm also glad I never had children! I decided at an early age that this world is too evil for them and I couldn't stand for them to be hurt.

  7. I like Trump, but the only time I will ever really trust any politician is when they start exposing Freemasonry and they start exposing that the govt done 911 and when they expose the skull and bones and the bohemian grove.
    When a politician does that and says he Loves Jesus, then we'll know he is a True Christian and a Truthseeker, which is really what a real truthseeker is – a Christian follower of Jesus – The Way, The Truth and The Life.

  8. I agree no man should step in a womens restroom its just wrong ..we are all people and shouldn't be judge but I put my foot down on this one! I have two small kids and its scary too think any one can pretend to be transgender if this does end up happing in the future what gonna happen to our children more RAPE? OR MURDER!

  9. Do you believe in prophecies spoken of for example Kim Clement? I would only ask because he prophesied in 2007 donald trump. Have you not seen this so I am very surprised. And then you have the Norwegian prophecy of a 94 year old lady from a place in Norway called Valdres. This was in 1968, but the pastor who got this from the old lady seems this was so controversial that he put it in his desk drawer. But in 1998 as pastor of the church she went in got legs to walk on. The things she had told this pastor named Emanuel Minos, began to take place in this timeperiode. This prophecies is in my oppinion from God .

  10. Hello my good Brother. There are two factions within the Jesuit Order. There are those who are evil, and then we have those of the Good. I think that Donald Trump is the good fraction. And it's not donald trumps mistake that those who oppose his stock riots across this wonderful country called the United States. He must of course do what he must do. I have seen on youtube that they call him antichrist, and that he comes as a bright angel. I have problems seeing this now at this time. And if we all as a request that the President is doing the right then God will listen to us. Anyway Did Our Lord God Almighty complete control. So to you who are afraid of what may come, Accept Jesus Christ with all your heart, and I can guarantee that the fear that lurks in many will disappear. This I can say with certainty when I personally have experienced this

  11. God placed trump to be our president. so far he's doing good. He's no Obama. all we can do is pray for decernment and wisdom to not be easily fooled. Obama is still trying to push for chaos and division with his pal soros.

  12. im a Catholic. i grew up in a Catholic School and i read the bible. i know Pope Francis is evil. He isnt my religion… Christ is. please dont be so quick to pu us all down. Christ did not establish our church just so we can turn our backs from it. we are geared towards this era when the church is infiltrated as fortold in LaSalette, Akita and Fatima. We venerate and praise Mary… but we WORSHIP GOD & GOD ALONE

  13. Look, we knew there'd be a reaction, because our country is split. I cannot keep hearing about this. Yes, it's negative, yes it's sad, yes the U.S. may not stay in one piece. Si, yo sabe! Gracias Jefe Obviouso!

  14. Just because DJT, has a mother named Mary and a father named Christ and his middle name "John " or is it "Jesus "…. Stay Awake and stay close to the Lord, by reading his word; the living water. Jesus Is coming but he ain't here now.! AMEN. Watchman of the Harvest – recommended.

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