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  1. Send me friend request on Facebook at: Got questions? (678)215-9884. Are you ready to meet the LORD Jesus Christ? If not, then seek him NOW. Call upon his name all the days of your life as Probation for the whole world lingers for a little season, and many will be lost. Come to the LORD our God now, not later. God bless

  2. I need to share this with you. This is a test from the most High God. I will explain and I am to tell you. God the Father is Donald Trump. He is bringing Jesus Christ back, our loved ones who we lost back to us. You are right. The Father is calling His church. We are being uplifted. Here is proof. In scripture, God declared He himself would descend with the voice of the Archangel, and with the trump of God. The Archangel here is Michael who is The Word of God. Michael was the 1st Adam(Aplha). Michael is the last Adam(Omega). The Adam is the vessel in which the Word of God(Michael) dwells within. The name Michael/Adam, meaning who is like God? The last Adam is the last vessel(the Omega) who has the Word within him. Barron Trump is the 7th trump and the trumpet is the trump of God. Donald Trump. God is Donald Trump. Donald knows we know the truth and we are fine. But, he is seeing if the other brainwashed people will just worship God not only Sunday. I am sure, Donald knows Sunday isn't the national day of prayer, and He knows we know that. Be mindful that he is trolling the msm. The mark of the beast the Mark of Libra. Connect the dots brothers and sisters. Libra is kicking off sometime this year and 3rd world countries will be forced to take his Mark. He wages war against the saints and wears out the most High's saints. Donald is Fighting for us to win. We are in this to win because Almighty God says so. We are in the DonFather's house, and we are safe. Trust God ❤. Jesus Christ is coming son. Donald is setting things straight.

  3. Martial law or not will not affect my worship of Yaweh. I will not fear this covid-19 or whatever. I am not a member of 7th day Adventist but I worship the Lord Jesus Christ son of the living God. This virus will bow at the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I refuse to be afraid

  4. All those demons laying their hands the devil 😈 himself. God did not call for any of them to put hands on him and pray like that for him. when on top of that it tells me that because you got a woman laying hands on him. And he ain't got one ounce of Christ Jesus in him. This demon has never repent for anything in his life. Have three wives children With all three. he's a rapist and a murderer because every day he don't make sure everyone gets what they need people died. you got to stop calling on and crying out to Donald Trump for help because he's not a savior. God is and Jesus Christ is he. These people are laying on hands on him trying to make the world thank God is him but he is not. Don't let these people deceive you they didn't pay for every time they lay hands on them by the president to deceive.

  5. Sunday is NOT the mark of the beast and I AM a Sabbath keeper!!! You said it yourself the CATHOLIC’s mark of the beast is the Sunday Law!!! Why are you quoting anything catholic as sound?? 🤔 Please show us where that is in scripture the Most High God’s Holy Bible??! The chip is the mark of the beast and Adventist are gonna be blindsided by this and will take that chip cause of your lie about Sunday Law being the mark when scripture says “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Rev.13:16-17

    Y’all teach that the above verse regarding the “right hand and forehead” is symbolic when you couldn’t be further from the truth!! It says “IN their right hand IN their forehead” and y’all CHOOSE to misinterpret that as “hands working evil deeds and forehead as the mind!!” 😮😒 Lord Jesus the Christ help the blind to see!! 😔 So when they come and snatch us outta our sabbath services as we refuse til we’re arrested then what are you gonna do when they say the only way that they can release us back to society all charges dropped IF you take the CHIP??! What then??! That “symbolism” thought process will instantly become literal and THAT moment will be your true test of your faith! Not going to jail! Yeah many of us will go to jail for Jesus the Christ Kim Jones proved that several years ago but how many of us in the U.S. like many of our dear brothers and sisters in Christ in third world 🌎 countries do practically daily…willing to become martyrs and DIE for Him??! 🤔 Cause that’s EXACTLY gonna happen if you don’t take that chip once it becomes mandatory across the board! It’s not Sunday Law!! True Christian Adventist’s won’t bow either way be it to be forced to worship on Sunday’s or being a Martyr! High time to know!! Time is of the essence and christian persecution is about to get real real quick! All this lockdown martial CV19 ain’t just a passing phase!! We’re at a point of no return and life as we know it is about to be a thing of the past. Time to “make your call and election SURE!!” Think about it!! Time to go Home!! 😍 Godspeed and God bless! 💯❤️ #BEraptureready #raptureisimment #greattrib #secondcoming #inthatorder

  6. omgooodness youre right!!! HE DID declare the national day of prayer.. i forgot about that and didnt even think about that.. i seee whats coming now.. thankyou!!

  7. It doesn't matter on what day you pray. Every day belongs to God. Trump isn't really aware of what is what, he's probably just going by tradition but he doesn't by any means want to trick you or anyone to follow "Sunday" as a way to fool anyone. Pray for Trump to do the Lords will.


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