This is what happens when your right more than your wrong. The trolls come a crawling out from under the bridges. WhEEEeeeeee
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  1. Just type "Michael Jackson" was innocent, that's the best way to attract trolls. MJ has a bounty on his head from the illuminati, even while dead.

    They also troll Muslims a lot, anything that has to do with Iran, but they never troll Saudi Arabia.

    You also got chat box trolls that were programed to troll and they are very fast, as soon you write anything they are on you, you got Russian trolls who are very active online. And most trolls are from a startup company in Israel, you pay them millions and they smear anyone you want

  2. To be fair you shout other names out yourself. I heard you refer to DIRTH the other day, which is a piss poor channel in the same sense as The Vigilant Christian and RussianVids. Nicholson and ODD I can understand as you guys seem to friends but the others?

  3. Hello Richie from Boston,

    Excuse me for my english, i am from holland. I have been watching some of your video's and i agree alot on what you are saying. People really need to wake up Richie, no offense but you to. The bible has a lot of truth, but not complete. If you study the bible well enough and you are sincere, you will find more answers that will lead you to the complete truth. That complete truth you will find in the Qur'an. I am not here to convince you, i am just doing the same like you are. There is a guy called moosa richardson, look him up if you want. He lives in the united states. Take care Richie, i hope i did not offend you in any way because that's not my intention.

  4. I want to thank you for making these videos. I have been trying to wake up my husband and you are the ONLY one of the truthers he will watch with me. I think he is finally waking up. God bless you.

  5. You know Richie, I'm a 64 year old Vietnam veteran that doesn't know how to operate a youtube channel.  "The patriot" is my channel and has no content because I'm computer illiterate, not because I'm a troll.  BTW, I'm an honest to god, boots on the ground veteran; not an "I got hit by a car after training veteran".  There is a huge difference!


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