William Shatner Microworld (1980)

The Dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (2015 World Government Summit with Klaus Schwab)

Intro music: Araxes – Atoms and Archetypes (thx bro!)
Closing music: All You`ve Seen – Dust In My Hands


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  1. Arg, somehow a clip got lost so there's a short blank section in the middle. (but the audio is still there so hopefully it's ok) Thank you for being patient, been a bit since I put anything directly up on this channel, as it could vanish at any time. If you have not done so yet, please consider following me on Odysee in the case that this channel finally goes the way of the buffalo:

    I don't even know how to begin to thank you all for the amazing journey it has been…

  2. I have missed you! This was so thought provoking and so well done. So many of my loved ones think nothing of taking the jab, and I have been ostersized by them. I have no ill will in my heart towards them. But my heart aches at what they have done to divide everyone. Just like the Bible told us it would in these last days. GNY, Will.

  3. OUR God is making it SO obvious to His Sheep now that if people can't see it yet, (or soon) then unfortunately they're not our Father's sheep… we hear His voice and ALL of His children make it into the fold. Keep planting seeds among the field and God will water them.

  4. So many facets to the attack on humanity. My marriage is on the rocks. My income is threatened over the jab. The economy is wonky. I choose life and the belief in Yahuah. I put my trust in Him.

  5. people are sooo damned Gullible. which is why we are in this mess.. Even with NASA on numerous occasions admitting they never went to the Moon because they can NOT travel beyond low Earth orbit.. which is a few hundred miles above Earth's atmosphere. numerous times they admitted this. and Now you have these dumb ass clowns who actually believe people are going into deep space.. smh.. people like this are beyond help. and Based on the fools who are taking the jab, it's the mass majority.

  6. The point at the end of the story is, will you be willing to get your head cut off for the Most High father God. Are you willing to give it all up for the father. Are you ready. If not we should prepare our hearts.

    Thanks for the vid brother.

  7. It's a no-win situation for the believers: "He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity, he who kills by the sword, must be killed by the sword. Here is the patience and faith of the saints". This verse is in context to The Mark of the Beast, and shows (I believe) some are destined for "the camps", and others will forcefully resist, but both will lose. And there is always a remnant who passes through. Which are you? How are we to know? But my advice to my wife who just lost her $150 per year – 18 year career nursing job, is to be prepared to lose it all, and to reduce our life to what we can carry on our backs – a well prepared bug-out bag; the outcome is in God's hands.

  8. Thank you. Needed to hear this, it gets lonely in these upside down times.

    Can i ask you a question: What does the 44 in your e-mail mean?

    I keep seeing that number (and also 444, 144, 441) everywhere (clocks, license plates, phone numbers, when i pause a movie, order nummers, prices). Waaay beyond coincidental..

  9. Drug dealer to decans is still keeping the soul in harms was as all churches have adopted some sort of pagan influence, even the witnesses believe in the heliocentric idea. Lol

  10. Remember that it was the Church ie government at that time who invented Hell or Eternal suffering in said hell. The bible tell of a cutting off of the undeserved ie the ones still living is sun during Armageddon as those cut off will never be remembered again yet thise who fell asleep in death prior to Armageddon will be called out of death to life and judgment, this still doesn't mean hell or eternal suffering as these ones paid the price of sin (Death) whilst living before Armageddon.


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