Its funny that drugs are illegal and lawmakers are the one a smugglin them in.
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  1. Who's the largest drug dealer in history? Queen Victoria selling opium to the Chinese.Let me see? Opium to the Chinese? Alcohol to Native Americans?Coke and heroin to the inner city?See a pattern?

  2. I bet you a Million dollars Clinton Foundation is BEHIND this, them and the BUSHs they ARE the Biggest Drug dealers ever in this Country!! 100% NO Lying

  3. About 3 years ago there was a massive drug bust with a DHL logistics shipment..ย  It was so huge that all normal shipments from random customers for like 3 months became very slow, as they had to inspect so many packages..ย  It was a massive tonnage of drugs they caught..ย  I wonder if it was related to this..

  4. So they were investigated for 18 years and no one decided to stop the surveillance during that time!? Surely the investigators are guilty of the distribution and supply of the Cocaine because 18 years is a long time to build a case!!
    Seriously how much crack has been made during the 18 year investigation!? More worryingly how many people have died during the 18 year investigation due to crack cocaine abuse!?

  5. on the topic of cell phones monitoring your every move and no doubt even your bowel movements, if anyone has a "samsung galaxy s6", i doubt anyone anywhere ever reads those epic tomes they call the user agreement, so go ahead, at least for that model of phone. i read a bit of mine until i threw my hands up in a WTF moment. they begin by saying quote "you agree to waive all your moral rights" endquote. it degenerates from there into how they have your permission to record your voice, keep record of your fingerprints, iris image, locate you through gps. usually under the guise of "for advertisement purposes".
    what better way to get every single persons personal information and know every detail about them, without spying on them illegally, than to have those very people flood the stores screaming and begging to pay the slave master for the latest phone, and their own enslavement, with a 50,000 page user agreement that nobodys ever going to read, stating basically, you agree to give us your soul. any document that requires you to waive your moral rights is something that comes straight from Hell.
    "They Live, we sleep."

  6. you goverment officials and your judges, movie stars, pop stars & office workers & rich elite are the ones who sniff most of the (marching powder)cocaine…๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  7. good Lord this drug running by governments goes further back than we will ever know. look at the opium wars. England was selling opium to China!! how in the world else would massive amounts of heroin and cocaine get into this country? US soldiers are guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan!!

    I read the other day that 54 people in Louisiana overdosed in less than 36 hours. the heroin is cut with fentanyl, which is 100 times more potent than heroin. that's why people are dropping like flies even here on my little state!! fentanyl is very highly controlled and the dealer's aren't laying their hands on it and cutting the dope with it. it would cost too much money even if they could get it. an entity is doing it before it hits the high up sources. culling the herd while making tons of money. it's common sense!!

  8. Hey RFB, don't forget the NGO'S and the flights in and out of multiple countries with diplomatic immunity, pay offs and pick ups are normal…drugs, children, adults, you name it…but I digress, love your sarcasm, made my day….God Bless, Shalom!

  9. Oh yeah! 18 yrs TSA and drugs… just another day in the neighborhood. The good old TSA will watch everyone coming and going but help theirselves to the best stuff.

  10. …WHOA there Amigo's! Those Numbers are WAY Off! Once knew .a guy (back in the day) who had a friend who's wife's sister once dated a guy which worked for a man who's stepson met a fella which ACTUALLY sold the stuff (once'er twice). WAY Off man.
    …[ "I have a theory on that." Yea Richie got'cha! Good One Haaaaaaa! ]

    …Peace'n may God Bless. …

  11. The Bush crime family has been smuggling cocaine and heroine into the country since Bill Clinton was president. They used to fly it into Arkansas so Bill could have his


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