Fox News host Tucker Carlson has joined a growing chorus of commentators who suggest that the United States may have been responsible for the apparent sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines deep in the Baltic Sea.

Explosions damaged the two pipelines that connect Russia to Germany. On Monday, apparent explosions severed the two pipelines, causing them to spew natural gas up to the surface of the ocean.

Experts from Nordic countries monitoring seismic activity in the region have assessed that the damage was almost certainly intentional and not the result of natural seismic activity.

“Bjorn Lund, seismologist at the Swedish National Seismic Network at Uppsala University, said seismic data gathered by him and Nordic colleagues showed that the explosions took place in the water and not in the rock under the seabed,” Reuters reported.

Although no state actors have taken credit for the apparent act of industrial sabotage, speculation is rife that the United States may have been responsible for the attack – fueled by statements made by Biden and Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland ahead of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Much of the suspicion came following a resurfaced video clip from February 7, in which President Joe Biden made a cryptic threat about disabling the Nord Stream pipelines when Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine became apparent.

“If Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine again, there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2,” Biden said. “We will bring an end to it.”

“I promise you: We will be able to do it,” said Biden, in response to a German reporter who pointed out that the pipelines were a German project.

Biden’s remarks came weeks after Victoria Nuland made similar comments vowing to ensure that Nord Stream 2 would “not move forward.” 

According to the Daily Wire, although the pipelines had not been pumping gas to Germany due to Western sanctions on Russia, German protesters have steadily raised calls for the two countries to come to some form of agreement that would resume the flow of gas and prevent Germany from experiencing a dark winter. 

“Disabling the pipelines would likely remove the possibility of Germany lifting the sanctions in time to import energy for the winter,” the Daily Wire observed. “Russia shut off the 760-mile Nord Stream 1 pipeline during the war, while Germany blocked the parallel Nord Stream 2 from going online just before the invasion. Germany relied upon Russian natural gas for more than half of its gas imports before the invasion, and its economy has been severely crippled since the cutoff.”

“This was an act of industrial terrorism,” said Carlson on Tuesday night, suggesting that the destruction of Russian infrastructure would lay the groundwork for a tit-for-tat response by the Russians against American infrastructure and escalate the United States’ involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“If we actually blew up the Nord Stream pipelines, why wouldn’t Russia sever undersea internet cables?” Carlson asked, noting that doing so would throw the entire western banking system into a tailspin. “Have the people behind this, the geniuses like Victory Nuland, considered the effects? Maybe they have. Maybe that was the point.”


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