Two Apocalyptic Prophecies that NO ONE can Deny

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  1. thanks man, i really appreciate it, keep going brother…. i'm a christian from Indonesia so sad for everything that happening in your country, they don't care about what bible tells, LGBT,micro chip etc. that's make me so sad as christian brother.

  2. OMG, im scared, my family are not even Christians yet and Jesus is coming very soon, I dont want my family to go to hell, my mother and my little brother who is 5 years old. There the only people I have, plus I have asked my mother If she could be a Christian but she said no. I am so scared, because I am 12 years old and I haven't read the bible yet because my mother wont buy me one, and my mother wont let me go to Church. Life is so hard ): When I ask for gods help he doesn't help me for some reason, it is could be because he is testing me or it is because I haven't got a relation ship with him. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, god doesn't answer my prayers so I NEED YOURS.

  3. Makes my heart break that not many are paying attention to these things. Jesus said to watch. So many prophesies are being fulfilled right before our eyes, yet almost everyone I know don't think the tribulation will start in our lifetime. I believe it is at the door, and the door handle is turning.

  4. this video when i looked it up says posted 23 hrs ago…i dkn why this keeps popping up but it does and many comments below i read say 23 hrs ago…as well your video is exactly 9 mins 23 secs in length …I doubt u did that on purpose but I continue to see these numbers since summer. Anyway I dkn why as I said but I just keep my focus on Jesus and pray to endure until the end and not to be deceived

  5. I believe that Obama has something to do with ISIS! Obama said that if there is a big attack on the United States, he will stay in office, and Isis said that they will attack the United States soon! Maybe that could be the beginning of the end, that could be when the "BEAST" stays in power for 42 months! PLEASE RESPOND MR. PRICE!

  6. you are no getting my drift at all!!… " think " ,,about what i said to you ,",Think" ,,for a minute " think" ..what i was trying to tell you and for one minute " think ",, about what i was trying to say !!! lvya ya Joe

  7. doooood she oh sorry it doesn't look bad looks like you will have to do that funds grab thing and check and make sure I hope that would not be a sin lol sorry Levi what can one do Jesus get us soon please!

  8. Thanks, Brother for sharing this truth, And Showing these prophecies Concerning this last Generation and last days that we are living in, Alot to think about What the Word of God is Saying About the Soon Return of JESUS , And how we Need to be Aware and Ready in the Spirit for the time is At hand !


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