Current events as they pertain to Bible Prophecy!
See more at “Prophecy Unfolding as Typhoon of biblical size heads for India
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  1. Just remember do not follow song nor my comments etc do not stalk me etc hands signals etc I'm sick of repeating myself and yes we are bullllettttttttt proooffff me and my dad please move on thank u

  2. For those I mentioned my husband James a certified health coach who recommends natural and organic supplements .. I also recommended people see a homeopathic Dr or in my case nurse practitioner ..wrong terminology.. I should have said naturopathic ..homeopathics use natural and organic herbs etc along with using new age or spirotism in their practice. Not something James or I would recommend… So seek a naturopathic nurse practitioner or Dr like we have through Essential Health out of Wisconsin.

  3. Awww am I going 😀 not afraid of 1000 men with gggggunnnnnnnnnnnnnnsss and mecheeettiiiessssss etc that ecampe me about ready to take my liffffeeeee not afraid.

  4. Know we r all praying for Pastor Paul, in Jesus name he will fully recover sooner than later. It's just an attack of the Devil where the torch of God to continual preaching the Lord's return and so many around the world r getting saved. Keeping the people informed about all the events coming to pass. But we the church of God r banding together in prayer for him and God will move on his behalf. And Sister Heidi you r doing great on the shows, the more u do them the better u r getting. Keep marching forward for God. It's the heart of the person doing the program not the fanise.

  5. Hi Heidi,
    Thank you for the scripture teaching of Psalm 25, one of my favorite scriptures. I like rocks, trees , and nature walks too. The scripture reference to trees clapping their hands is Isaiah 55:12. I sang ths scripture song as a teenager called , " You Shall Go Out With Joy." Thank you again for teaching and sharing your💟 with us.🌳🌷🎶

  6. I am from India the lord showed me the map of India in a flash and the cost of lndia and the tossing waves.please pray for India,this is a storm never seen in 20years

  7. SISTER HEIDI! ILOVE THIS! I also love rocks! I'm crazy for the Trees here in Hawaii some look to me like Giant Hands of God coming up with many fingers holding up the fragile, beautiful fruit/leaves with Gods power !
    Also in church growing up we sang Psalms 25 ,and many other Psalms,,This one came back to me as you read it! God bless you sister! I love you so much! Thankyou 💞❤🌈🌊🌠

  8. I know that in Pakistan…. at least the recent pics I've seen… and in the D.R…. and even in N.Y… Social Distancing is not a reality… probably because of the density of the population.
    – In the D.R…. their answer to Social Distancing is a curfew- approx 5:00pm to 6:00am.

  9. All the stars, each one plays a different beat, music. Not only can we hear them now with equipment. It's mentioned in bible and i can't remember where. Heidi mentioned leaf's clapping, whales sing. And when we sing. Put it all together. i can't possibly imangine what God hears from his creatuon.

  10. The hatred and violence in this world is so INCOMPREHENSIBLE & so, so heartbreaking. Let the Church of CHRIST on earth arise to pray against violence, hatred, ignorance & superstition. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so that we can pray against this spirit of evil that's so widespread in the world.

  11. His name is not God. That is a pagan title put in the Catholic Bible when the Vatican was meshing all the pagan religions with Christianity. King James did not have 50 guys interpreting the ancient scrolls he had somebody translate the Latin bible the Vatican translated. Scotland still celebrates giving the world the first English version to this day. Our Father's real name is Yahoveh and His Sons name is Yashua. For some reason people don't think He still talks to people.


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