UFO caught on night vision or is it something else?



  1. Lot of times you can see satellites traveling across the sky at night I've seen many just looks like a single white point of light moving slowly also there are thousands upon thousands of pieces of space junk along with the satellites

  2. Funny your making this video last night I dreamed of what I seemed to think of as a UFO 🛸 in the sky at night it was 3 of them and the object they was chasing and shooting at what Appear to me as a satellite and was headed toward earth and it exploded on earth an there was a huge fire 🔥

  3. Before you call every UFO a demon, check out the multitude of "USO" creatures under the deep sea. God made a host of crazy, monstrous-looking things humans never got to see until technology got us or cameras down there. There is a host of creatures in heaven too. Heaven may be chuck full of them. Maybe some of these beings are photonic, rather than atomic in nature. They might include nearly mindless, but fantastic creatures. Some might be the evil Rebels, as intelligent Holy Ones might not enjoy being around the evil & suffering here. Even balls of light like on Skinwalker Ranch are likey to get shot at at some point. I recall an Iowa farmer shooting a moose on his farm to prove there were still moose in Iowa, because no one would believe him. The last reported moose had been in the 1940's. I could see myself unloading on a UAP if I had my Saiga 12. Not that we are all stupid or malevolent, but we have a sin nature that may be contagious. There are stories of Soviet soldiers blasting a UFO out of the sky, then the guilty turned to stone by the survivors from the UFO. Crazy stories? Maybe, but Holy Ones arent likely to enjoy spending time amongst us sinners.

  4. Thank you Steven. That doesn't appear to be a plane or anything we usually see in the sky, as like you say, the object does not have flashing/blinking lights. I've seen quite a few things in the sky here in the UK. I've got a 4 min video of something going in different directions directly overhead, during the day. I've also got 2 videos of a moving object, going in different directions, but it is very dark, so hard to see. I've seen what I call a reverse Nike tick, where something comes into view, drops and then flies off to the right, fast! I've seen a static metallic object, way up high, directly above me. I've seen a fluorescent pinkish purple transparent cloud or gas, just going across the sky. I wish I had night vision, but get confused as to what one to buy that's good on a budget.

  5. UFO's at night need special proof. It hard enough in the day, with the angles planes fly while turning, following, dropping, & preceding other planes in line. Determining distance and angles of approach at night is nigh unto impossible for the average person. I noticed how difficult it can be driving on the expressway watching planes lined up to approach very busy Atlanta Hartsfied airport. I nearly always drive Atlanta overnight due to accidents & traffic jams in the day. There can be a dozen lights at different levels, brightness, and sinning angles. It's quite impressive what humans can do, and even moreso what they can convince themselves to believe. It starts in the teens with girls & and gets only worse.

  6. Until I see something major picture wise no way I'm believing ufos it's like watching tucker Carlson there isn't any proof pics. I'm open to your reptilian teaching scripts. But need all these so called government pics to be a full size real pic that proves it. Thanks for videos.

  7. I’ve seen something just like that a few years ago one night around three am, with my naked eye way up in the sky. Further than any plane I ever seen with knot flashing lights. I’d pointed it out to a friend and he saw it also, wow!

  8. Years ago before the truth was being taken down I looked into these so called ufo's and I seen where the military or the elites built ufo looking aircraft to try and fool everyone. Or they could be using project blue beam to deceive the people who are asleep. I don't believe in space because of Genesis 1 and I don't believe in aliens or ufo's, aliens are demons. The one's that stand with Jesus are the aliens in this world.

  9. Steven, this is simply a satellite. They are numerous across the night sky, moving at high speed and not deviating from their trajectory. A similar object moving across the sky and changing direction throughout would be of greater interest and not satellite related.


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