A four-part docu-series from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and Glen Zipper exploring our fascination with unidentified flying objects, and what clandestine influence the American government, lucrative private companies and the military may have in shielding the truth behind extraterrestrial phenomena to further their own agendas. All episodes now streaming.


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From J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot comes a four-part docuseries uncovering the (in)credible evidence and events that claim the existence of UFOs and other life forms on – or hovering above – Earth. The series will unravel America’s historic obsession with the extraterrestrial. From “Top Gun” pilots being taunted by tic-tac looking flying saucers in the sky, to Gen Z’s rave in the notorious Area 51, to government conspiracy theories, set ups and cover ups, our UFO Project will take us to the ends of the earth – and even a bit farther than that – and back as we tell the twisted tales of sightings, and deception and what this intense and haunting speculation has done to the psyche of the American public and national trust in the government.



  1. Biggest proof there are no UFOs at Area 51 or anywhere else > Trump was President for four years and never tweeted about it once. If it was real he would have been bragging about it.

    "Today I toured a real UFO, that's right, the first president to ever admit they're real, that's me. I saw some aliens too, even had lunch with them, look here's a selfie with me and the aliens, we're good friends now, they all love me. They said I'm their favorite human."

  2. Gov Symanthon will face YHWH
    GOD ALMIGHTY soon now, like the rest of government officials
    what will they say then…
    You can't hide
    from G0D ALMIGHTY that's just the truth
    ALL WILL ANWER .. You can't make deals with evil beings and not
    be held ACCOUNTABLE…

  3. Did you see the guys the government sent to finally "testify" before congress? They were dumber than Dory from Finding Nemo. "I don't know anything about that." Looks at colleague; "Do you know anything about that>" "I'll have to go back and look into that." It was like the government sent Abbot and Costello to answer questions. What a joke that turned out to be.

  4. The lights that cross the sky at night in pattern that never fly back up in the sky are sky divers with a cool light show. Notice how the lights dont last long never fly up and none come during the day.

  5. That’s like your protocols of not telling the population. That a disaster is coming. Like not warning the town of the giant fire or monster or dinosaur 🦖🤨🤯🤫🥴😳😳😳🤐😵😲😲🙄. That’s. Coming cuz you believe or feel that. It’s for our best interests not to know since you believe there’s nothing anyone can do. If anything that’s exactly why more people are needed. And should be included in tha t decisions cuz out of you few. There’s nothing but when it comes to the rest of us maj9rity. There just may be. Far more. So Those few on top are only for them selve#. Is how I Comprehend. It. And if your believi;g those. Ash’s ur on top amongst them. Thenmn. Your just telling yourselves. That it’s for them ppl who are gunna be effected by it. Without even a warning from the peo0le they I trusted and. Were deceived fooled into believing would keep them safe and represent them and at the very least with all that corruption theft. And shutt u get away with the very least is a freaking warning a heads up. Is that too much for us guys to do for humanity. Not even a warning. If there were 5 days left. They deserve we deserve to know and have a chance to atleast. See all our loved ones we haven’t seen in awhile o and do our. Last days. Best. We can. Spending with our loved ones. Being alowe$. To say our goodbyes and t. Our last words

  6. And they didn’t just stay lights in the skies. They Prevented me from uploading the Few. Of these videos co0ies of these ppls. Recordings these ppl were scared. Too ever show them recordings. To me the majority tried to nact like they didn’t know shit a few started fighting the ones I was became friends. With that were turned out cartel members. They were more affraid of them. Cartel members I became friends with without realizing they were cartel or. Da;gerous ppl. I mean I’ve experienced gangster# n stuff t where I grew up so that’s not anything. Much diffrent But these. Things. To do with this subject and these things the cartels get away with. Are all linked to this same subject. And. Those things that. We will just say. Have you ever heardd of. Hollywood movies. Body snatchers. Or r wher3 a parasite. Goes into the body. Those were good as movies. But I’m not ever going to watch them again cuz just letting u guys know all this truths. Linked to some really scary shit and powers so much more then I could imagine but I don’t want to die or get hurt or taken. So hopefully putting it like 5his. I can be easily Labeled as crazy without much. Effort so in that retrospect. Please. Don’t hurt me or take me I& your. Picking up on this internet chatter. But ppl need to be aware of their reality. And. Keeping them in the dark. With what we are experiencing right now as we Live now. Think about it. What do you think these creatures are doing to us. Your not safe. Either. If your human probe of those. But If your those things and u 7nderstand English. I love u don’t eat me. Or. Harm me I can come in handy. And there’s multiple uses of me I’m not. Just. Like all these normal small minded humans Ok Let me. Prove that. If u don’t Know. And if your humans. You should be letting ppl know reality. You don’t know they could had come to a. Agreements and people deserve to know. And know 5(eitr fate. Not be told all this retardedfake crap. There’s no plans no. System in your future system. At all there’s much already preplann3d though. But nothing in those calculati9ns for humanity population. L! People could be better if. They were given the truths and some things we may have to submit to negotiations and the fat3 of 9ur specie#. Should rest in our hands not just somee evil few. Elitists that do not give a shit about us

  7. These things are wh@t icve experi3nced witnessed. And. Those100 corosponding with one another. And all th3 other people. Wer3 likethousand# of oth3r ppl I could see in these normal poor peop”es. Hoods. Like. There were thousands and the government. Took people. And lockded ppl up for even saying it like they came looking for. Who 3ver I was. While I was there. I’m not ever going backtoarizona and I loved how cool the scenary and stuff was there. But now I’m far too affraid the gove4nnmt atleast if they think I’m from 5her2.

  8. Too. Hold up this giant tarp or. Like a blanket but I say tarp cuz that’s what we call it when it’s a vehicles. 3. Giant took up the blocked the sky above a whole down town. Capital city of a state. That’s like. 3. Ships. Coming down. And hovering clear as day above Minneapolis and downtown saint Paul. Minnesota. LA. For weeks the gov. I watched they. The ships would set off some pause that would blow the. Tarps right back off yo.

  9. But it was gov sealed off downtown Phoenix Arizona. And. The locatin. I. Seen. 100 diffrentcorosponding. Secret videos. Cartel. Members have many of them. That’s prolly why they get away with murdering whole squads of police and no military or. Federal government. Agents no army. Comes rolling in to these. Cartelares of Phoenix Arizona. I witnessed. Experienced some. Of these. 8nthe usa. Not. Baghdad or. Middle East. Not. At battlefield outside usa but one here. Or here. They didn’t come I watched. +ops get shot out an helico0tor and. Fall and. I watched these cops. Get massacred by these cartel ppl dude and where I come from in usa there would be the whole police force raining down. And maybe military. If it was needed. I’ve watched gangs just as. Dangerous. Try some shit like that. From where I’m from. And. They never would get away with that they wo7ldnt get5hat far. So the government is helping. The cartels. I know all these things for a fact. 100%. Fact. 100. Videos. Coroponding. I tried copying a few of them and uploading to the 8nternet and my cell phone got. Super hot like burnt. Out. It got super hot and died. Like fried And what I uploaded online. Dissapeared the next time I got near the internet couldn’t find it anywhere I. U0loadex it from Phoenix.

  10. And it showed the moon lit up
    Like in where. It was no5 supposed to be and as if. The exposion. Unveiled hologram or The moon was there not visible til the gov. Bomb exploded. Then. There was. 3. Giant ships

  11. Yo I’ve seen 100 peoples in Phoenix. Down one whole stretch of street. They had secret videos. Which all had like other neighbors who’s videos they all litterally corresponded with one another. 100. Mostly Chicano. Americans. They showed me they thought it was the Russians. I seen. Mexican cartel. Getting ready to. Fight Russians a missile or bomb. And military Alarm was going off

  12. People are SO stupid!!..
    I saw the "Phoenix lights" MYSELF while I was at work as a cashier at a Mobil gas station…
    IT WAS FLARES!!…..Falling down above a mountain!!..
    It was NOT a huge spaceship or any kind of object!!!…
    It was nothing more than flares!….
    I am so glad that the Governor responded with a "alien" lol
    He gave the UFO idiots what they wanted lol a little fake alien!

  13. It seemed that they are acting talk trick and bad idea story about the Black money . They are wrong. I saw everyone with each one about they have still money thier often travel , outside actives, and things . They lied me . I saw them .

  14. Why is it so difficult to believe that Jesus Christ created a man and a woman and begin our world he didn’t create anybody else in any other galaxy so you idiot super leaving UFOs are not Christians

  15. I have seen so many weird things in the sky day and night….The cigar shaped ufo with what looked like a diamond shape mirror object flipping around below the ship at 7:30 in the morning….the night before I was outside listening to music around my car and a light in the sky moving slow and low and I can see the light going left and right,I assume it's a police chopper looking for weed fields and it stops right in front of me hovering, light goes to my right and then it shines on me for a few seconds and the light goes out….this is right above the tree line and within 12hrs I see two completey different incidents.

  16. We have to get the military-industrial complex under control somehow because eventually there will be a massive false flag (even worse than 9/11) and it will ALL be blamed on "Aliens"

    People will believe that too….

    I feel like we're being set up to believe we're being visited, just so the evil military -industrial complex can do something really bad

  17. Obviously it was a black program man-made UFO.
    Why would zeta reticulans travel light years to hover in the sky for awhile and then go back home??!
    Don't make sense to me.

    That was man-made.
    "We" have had highly advanced tech for many decades now, but those technologies will forever be tied up in black budget programs.
    They can't let this anti-gravity tech get out there because it would be the end of the petrol-dollar system (fossil fuel industry) and there are evil, powerful people who won't let that happen


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