Heres the same UFOs under nightvision and ultraviolet light, it appears maybe FOX was using a new lense that accidentally showed the real heavens

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  1. got video from n. m. kaleidoscope of lites an imaginary of? human beings in robes an hopi fertility dancer… never seen anythings like this not on utube tv. etc… incredible.

  2. This is why we supposedly don't know much about our own oceans, cuz then it would help us put everything together. They don't teach us reality, only lies and cover for those lies, that's why nothing makes much sense and everything is fucked up

  3. Quick way to research this… look for a point of reference. I used the radio towers to the right of the shot. Now find out how tall is the average radio tower, and how high do seagulls fly… it's really common sense to me when the numbers are sooooo far off

  4. I agree. Their hiding the sighns and wonders that our creator told us to look for. Fuckers. Their ruining everything. Hey Richie. I used to live in Hull when I was a kid. Your view is very similar to what I remember as a kid in our backyard. We could see Boston across the bay. As a matter of fact I played around that bay. My Dad was a courier in Boston. I remember going with him quite often. you're right about the Jets going over us. I live in Fairbanks Alaska now. Funny thing is the Jets fly over even closer now. I can see the windows lol. I'm with you on alot of stuff you speak of. Keep it up brother if I may call you that. I enjoy the truth from a different view. I see the sighns and also feel the evil every where. Thanks for doing what you do. And I guess we need to pray for the haters and non believers. Take care stay safe.

  5. I wonder if this had anything to do with the birds acting weird…? Might want to check the days . like when you swim at the ocean n see fishes jumping ..its a sign to get out a bigger fish is coming…weird. Wasnt seagulls but if i did/ i, would get out of the way. My point was is there was other stories n reports of birds that were landing / dying n acting weird in other states.


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