173 CCNT “UFOs, Time Travel & the Ghost Realm!” – 01.24.2020

On this episode, Marty, the robot with googly eyes becomes an alibi in a murder case, NEON is making people think immortality is right around the corner, Astrobiologist basically confirms spirit world in materialist fail, and UFOs as human time travelers from the future.

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  1. CLASSIC! God bless you both! This is so funny & just made my day. This reminds me of scientists now saying they’ve discovered a “different species of intelligence”…?“That’s really a real thing, really, you just can’t see them, but they’re a whole new species??? “ 😂 REALLY, Trust us!

  2. That old episode you mentioned was one that I had missed. Just listened to it… Spicy.

    You guys were trying to be consistent in your position while also discussing the space between positions.

    It's a wild conversation if you listen to it with nuance, and it sounds like a pro-fallen/ (New) nwo (externalization) position.


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