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  1. I know this was made 5 months ago…but several killings just here in Tx….guy killed his wife and kids because he couldnt deal with them being home to loud he said😶 people beating their children because there not use to being with them all day, no school😶NOW THAT IT IS LAWFUL TO COVER YOUR FACE CRIME IS 10 FOLD, DO YOU THINK THIS WAS AN ACCIDENT …NO! LOOK UP VIDEO FROM DEMONIC DRAKE HE IS TEACHING THE MINIONS TO DRESS LIKE BURGLARS NOW….ALL BLACK ONLY SHOWING YOUR EYES…..BEWARE PEOPLE THE EVIL IS ABOUT TO HIT THIS LAND HARD

  2. Unfortunately many have been killed already in their homes. Husbands killing their wives. Wives killing their husbands. Parents killing their children. Children killing their parents. Etc. It's a horror.

    Revelation 6:8 KJV
    And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

    Beasts H2416 chay
    -Living thing, animal

    Root word H2421 chayah
    Be quickened: from sickness, discouragement, faintness, death

    You can get this information on Blue Letter Bible website for the Hebrew interlinear/Biblical usage.

    So people will die by famine, by war, by death (natural and violent death) and by their relatives

    How accurate is the Bible!!!! God's Word is Truth!!!

    May God have mercy on us and protect us. We must pray for families who are in their homes because Satan is sneaking his way into homes and causing destruction and death. John 10:10 says he comes to steal, kill and destroy.

    No matter what happens let's remember that YAH is in control. Stay strong in Yeshua our Messiah.

  3. If you or anybody else celebrates easter then your not a true christion. The passover is the true celebration and worship.these are my feast says GOD. (Leviticus 23) I know the bible.

  4. I am brought to tears in joy for progress made. I cry though bc I still make mistakes and I want to be found flawless and I am not. Before I said goodnight to GOD I told my mom we needed to pray without ceasing. I am in need of deliverance of fornication & anger but GOD has only kept me in return to the gospel. In a year only 3 days escsped me. I am hopeful no matter what. Trying to build on the rocks not on the sand. Thank u! Love u! God bless all who seek LORD Jesus Christ in heart.

    Ps. My mom has 3rd grade education. She cannot read very well if at all. I SINCERELY hope the Lord sees my moms heart. I have tried to get her to read but I know it is hurtful to her when I see her tearful eyes… It hurts me… It cuts me deep. I got to read to her or share what all I know. May my Lord have mercy on a poor uneducated immigrant farmer. I would trade places if it meant anything. My father is distant from me but I do love him. I just fear his absence in my life so its not easy. I feel a void. My twin is a satanist. Why me… Why would GOD choose me. I was broken & there I found a friend, father, support, HOPE.

    I cry a lot for a ex gangster. Who knew!

  5. It happened already in my neighborhood on Thursday night. The stepfather was out of work as was the wife/mother. The wife/mother had 2 children, a boy 12 years old & a daughter, 14 yrs old. The man was irritable and arguments broke out.
    At 8:00pm he short he mother into the shoulder and shot the daughter, who sadly passed away. The mother and son ran outside and the boy ran down the street and called for help and many cops, swat team ambulances and fire trucks arrived and the man/husband/stepfather shot himself.
    The mother is in stable condition in the hospital and the son is okay with family. The daughter did not make it, it is so sad.
    I'm praying for the mother, son and the family & want to ask that you who read this will pray for them as well.
    Thank you for this video. It is TRUE, i also knew thus is the purpose of this time.
    Please pray for me, Angie, and my child Sydney-6, and husband Todd. We are coming together centered in Jesus Christ. We do not even turn the tv on at all. My child has never watched tv since birth and we are reading and learning Bible Scriptures now every day. I am grateful for God's mercy to give us this time to prepare, i knew this or something, was coming & had already set aside necessities.
    I just awoke from a very realistic dream about major highways being shot down, overpasses & flyovers being bombed and falling to the ground below. Teams of ppl were going door to door taking everything out of the homes…all the food, clothes, furniture, etc. & killing the ppl inside or spraying something bc they were in white hazmat suits.
    I was not with my child but was seeing these things go on. Just prior to this I had been in a helicopter flying over and thinking everything was ok until we saw the bombing of the highway overpasses, flyovers. We landed, it was like when the Bible describes they shall say peace, peace then there shall be "sudden destruction".
    After we landed the helicopter I got out and was looking at the damage and destruction and the overpass above me was bombed and I fell to the ground, covered my head and people had gotten out of their cars and we were all trying to get to safety, crawling and covering our heads from falling debris.
    I felt a body parts fall on to me. I remember thinking I need to get to my daughter NOW, I need to call and warn them NOW. She was with some friends at their house playing with the other children.
    I was praying so much in this dream & was very aware of what this was and why this was happening.
    I did make it back to my child in time and warned the family where she was. They'd already packed necessities and had everyone in the attic hiding them. My child knew why it was happening also, and was so happy to see me. Idk where my husband, her dad was, as he wasn't in the dream. But I told my child, this is what I've taught you about the time before Jesus Christ comes back, she knew already and wasn't hysterical or crying but we prayed together as we do every day, in real life, and we prepared to lay our lives down for Jesus. We weren't afraid, but READY.
    Then, as the teams of ppl approached the home to come extinguish all in it, we made it to the vehicles and they,the family where she was visiting, where we had just been, drove us out of there and away, taking nothing but ourselves and the clothes on our backs.
    Then I woke up and came onto YouTube to watch this video.
    Has anyone had a similar dream? i truly feel it is a warning. I'm not afraid, I can't explain but I'm less afraid than I was before this all began. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and He is Coming back! Please heed these warnings, not in fear of what man can do or the enemy but not bring ready for the sudden change that will happen when least expected and be right with God through the blood of the Lamb, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. And yes be feeding daily on the Word of God. Teach your children to really pray and to place their trust in Jesus and the truth of the Bible. My 6 yr old is learning scriptures so fast it's amazing.
    Today, we watched the Sabbath Svc on the ROKU on the Amazing Facts channel, its free and you can get it too. They stream it live Saturday mornings and before Sabbath ends, before sunset Saturday. Doug Batchelor teaches well and we believe is anointed by the Holy Spirit of God.
    We are Seventh Day Adventists and we aren't perfect, but we stay in repentance and prayer and with Christ's help and Word of God are trying to turn from the "world". This is a welcome situation for me bc there's nothing in this world I care abt or miss by this quarantine. Other ppl is all, bc i do love helping others.
    But shopping, going on this or that vacation, no, I care nothing of such things.
    I want to thank you for urging me to make amends with family in your video bc my younger sister and I don't get along bc she is very cruel to our mom who lives with her temporarily, extremely cruel, and isn't there for her 3 children, so I help them and am very close to them and my mom who is a very strong and faithful follower in Jesus Christ.
    I've stood up for the children and my mom and have tried to help my sister but it seems like she's given in to the enemy's temptations. But, I'm going there tomorrow, she lives 1 minute from me, and make amends with her. To tell her I love and forgive her. I don't like what she does, but I want to do what is right by God, so I'm not putting this off any longer.
    She pushes my "buttons" but I control my response. So i will do the right thing and if she receives it wonderful, if not that's ok too, at least I know i sincerely tried and reached out to her. But pls pray that this will be received. Thank you for your prayers and your videos.
    I pray for you and your family also, & for all who read this may God bless and keep you and your families. Like here, please use this time wisely, I'm so thankful for it. Even though my husband is still working as normal every day. He builds homes & ppl aren't forced to stay home, but it's recommended. Non-essential business is closed as are schools, but it's just as well. I'm a certified teacher but left the public school system when i felt convicted in my heart abt what they were trying to force me to teach 6th graders in science class. I knew they were lies and refused.
    I reached many young hearts with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ those children flocked to me, not bc of me, but bc of HE WHO is in me, Jesus Christ, thru the Holy Spirit inside me, it is His love, peace and truth they were drawn to. They didn't need me to say, im a Christian, they just knew. And that's missing in public school it is scary. So I'm happy my child isn't there. Kindergarten and boys were choking her, hitting her, shoving her down and trying to kiss her, NOT OK, school did nothing. We regretted ever putting her in a public school but we were going to do just kinder so we could save for her to attend Christian school. she is an only child and wants to see other children sometimes too.
    I'd like to request prayer for my husband who has started drinking alcohol after work lately. He is a believer but is maybe a bit scared bc he wasn't raised as a Christian but came to the knowledge of truth through Jesus Christ and the Word of God before we married almost eight years ago. He has been learning so much in these last months watching Amazing Facts, listening to Bible Gateway, turning away from radio, tv, movies… you said, the programming and brain washing.
    But he has turned back to drinking some alcohol, a few beers after work, I do not drink and haven't in probably fifteen plus years. He quit too, but has started back up and I'm concerned bc this isn't the way to handle stress. Will you please pray for him, his name is Todd. Thank you and sorry to have written so much, I just woke up out of that dream I described above and felt compelled to come to this video and have spoken what is on my heart.
    Love, your sister in Christ Jesus,


  7. I am really doubting my salvation. I just recently decided to follow God and got baptised but I still can't read the Bible and I can't even remember any scriptures. I still sin and I don't feel any guilt when I do but I wanna stop. I'm terrified of going to hell and that's why I wanna be saved. I do also want a relationship with God but I am being lukewarm and I haven't changed or barely. I thought that when you receive the Holy Spirit you were a new person? I also don't think I have the fruits of the Holy Spirit and I don't have a personal relationship with Jesus. I really don't know what to do and I'm so anxious about it that I have bad insomnia. Btw I started believing in God in 2011 but I start sinning even more then before I believed and there's no sins I haven't commited and had no conscience or barely. Please someone help.

  8. It’s happening already. The incidences of domestic violence reported to police has jumped considerably. Also supermarkets are selling more alcohol. People are getting drunk in their homes and hurting each other. Domestic murders have already been happening, now in the U.K. at the rate of an average of 2.94 a week. So let’s call that three a week. That’s a lot of daughters, mothers and wives being murdered by angry, violent drunkards. You certainly know your Bible. Some of what you are talking about reverberates with a book I have called ‘Christ Consciousness and the Christian Kabbalah’

  9. Once we as adult's! & CHILDREN HAVE A FULL UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT HEAVEN & HELL IS WE ARE FULLY HELD ACCOUNTABLE for our actions because we have a full understanding of GOOD & EVIL as well as Heaven & Hell… Praying 🙏🙏🙏🙏 for Everyone.

  10. What God shown me was a blackout and a kind of lockdown and while everyone was in they're homes staying inside they came these huge alien looking things with demons telling them what to do it was horrible they went house to house killing n eating ppl however we believers was being protected in our homes while in prayer and we blacked out our windows ect and kept silent until it passed by what was more strange was the other houses I saw being protected after this dream I noticed they're is actually other followers of christ in these houses who knew not me . I'm trying not to be in fear but I know it's coming up next I just know jesus has been preparing me .before covid 19 I kept telling ppl death is coming and we need to start preparing food ect but no one ever listens now this is happening I'm not psychic its God! We need to start opening our spiritual ears to hear him and do so we need to spend time with him reading his word and in worship and prayer

  11. Amen my Brother!!! I want people to read the Bible for themselves!!!!! Don't depend on your pastor for your salvation! A lot of pastors are twisting scriptures to their own destruction and taking you with them. I trust only in my Father's word to get me to His Kingdom. Read the Bible for yourselves!!! You have plenty of time right now for you and your family to read it together!!!

  12. At times God gives u times to be just with him so take this time to draw closer to our Jesus Christ this could be your last time u have to repent that is asking God for forgiveness it cod be thoughts words cussi g batres bitterness and so on only u k now


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