Watch “Understanding Biblical Prophesy” Jentezen Franklin, host of Kingdom Connection & Pastor of Free Chapel.



  1. Jentezen Franklin..your ministry changed my destiny….you really don't know what kind of impact your impacting to people life…Thanks your one of my spiritual pilot and your creating spiritual bombs in my heart….I wish if I could get a chance to meet you one day…be blessed

  2. When the bible says look to the East regards to prophecy, isn't it the east of Israel which is the Arab nation of Iraq & Iran (old babylon) on which ISIS trying to start its caliphate for islamic rule & domination.

  3. Prophet    and   seer-   Contacts-  Sean  O'Dwyer.    140  Hobson  Street.  Auckland   1010.   Phone   06-8784448  New   Zealand.  e-mail   address–     As   you   can   see   folks   i   am   the   real  Mc   koy    and    mean   bussiness.


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