How can you know tell a Dream or Vision is from God? How can you trust people if they say they had a dream or vision from God?
Only the Bible can tell you if dreams and visions are from God.

Trump’s Connections to the Epstein Gang by Blackstone Intelligence

Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2 by Amazing Polly



  1. Vanity, vanity all in this world is Vanity.. Narcissism and the glorification of self is flourishing in the fertile soil of this world system which is fertilized by Lucifer's deception… When I look into the eyes of trump, I see nothing but PRIDE…

  2. Josephs dream interpretations come to mind. Oh and your scathing political rant. Good stuff. Im hooked with the holy book. Lights out and too. The wicked will be caught in their own snare. Tkx Ms Edith
    🙏 hallelujah for an end to this cutrent world. May we be ready.


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