The signs of the End Times are becoming the signs of our time. Dr. David Jeremiah explores the intersection of today’s headlines and biblical prophecy.
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00:00 – The graves will be opened
06:57 – Dr. Jeremiah’s message – “The Prophetic Times”
27:00 – One last word from Dr. Jeremiah

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  1. This is such a powerful message…I've learned so much from Dr. David Jeremiah..His teaching videos helped me with my everyday walk with our Lord Jesus Christ…Thank you!

  2. ❤️ and this is the pleasure of My Father that sent me ,that of whomever he has given me ,I will lose none ,but will raise them up on that day .This is the pleasure of my Father ,that everyone that SEES me ,the Son of GOD ,and has the Faith ,WILL have life eternal ,and I will raise him up on that day .John. 6 vs 39-40 and vs 45-48. It is written by the Prophets ,and Everyone of them WILL be taught by GOD .Whoever HEARS from my Father ,and learns from him ,COMES to me ,the Son of GOD .Not that anyone has seen the Father ,except the Son who has come to you by GOD , I have SEEN my Father ,and Do SEE . I speak the Truth to you ; To He that has The Faith IN me ,there is Eternal life .I am the bread of life .vs 65 and YESHUA said to them ,For this reason ,I said to you ,That no man can COME to me ,unless it is GIVEN to him by my Father .and John 14 vs 21 He with whom are my Commands ,and who Keeps them ,he it is that loves me ,and he that loves me Will be loved by my Father ,and I Will love him ,and WILL manifest myself to him. the children of GOD now SEE by YESHUA the living Messiah because he SEES and HEARS by living IN the children of GOD by the Holy Spirit !!! Do you KNOW him …or just know about him or just read about him or just hear about him ..? The promise of the Gospel is to KNOW him by The Holy Spirit as soon as being given the Holy Spirit !!! The Holy Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive because they SEE him not and they KNOW him not ,But you KNOW him because he lives WITH you ,and is IN you .John 14 vs 17 .just ask and be given by the living GOD our Father in Heaven in the name of YESHUA and SEE !!!🕊️

  3. why doesn't speak of a very clear fulfillment of prophecy in our recent history. We (U.S.A.) are the ones who brought down fire from heaven in Aug. of 1945 and we are the ones that gave life to the image of the beast in May of 1948. Rev 13:13-15 (KJV).

  4. My mother cannot attend church anymore she’s 86 and has Low vision she loves listening to your church on Sunday,I also watch you on YouTube and have many of your books you are a blessing to many,Thank you for your preaching and teaching

  5. We’ll be taken into heaven forever, but also there’s going to a new earth. Jesus said he didn’t know the time but somehow Dr. Jeremiah has Christ’s return pegged within his lifetime.

  6. Yes we are living in Prophetic Times as the Church has lived for such a long time!
    Yes we are seeing events taking place BUT there are still many Events that must take place before we are to ever begin Looking Up!
    Jesus Told us what we must first SEE before we are to Ever Look Up!
    Paul told us what we must see and who we must see before Jesus will be Coming for the Church!
    May we be wise and keep the Mission in Focus until we see those events!
    The Harvest is still Ripe and may Souls have never yet heard the Gospel!
    God is waiting ever so patiently for the Fruit of the Whole Earth!
    Not just One place on earth but all the earth!
    May we Teach all what Jesus and Paul said we must SEE before our Lord will come!

  7. A Bble teacher that has it right – it is all about the Nation of Israel and the return of the Jews to their land. This is a blessing to hear and we look up as G-d brings about His plans . Adonai is bringing His Word into fulfillment !

  8. What about the people who have been cremated, what happens to them? There's so many Christians through out the years that have been cremated instead of buried and I can't help but wonder what that day holds for them as well. I pray the same fate as us but no one ever says it.

  9. If you’ve ever said the word HalleluYah, you’ve spoken the Father’s Name! His Name, YHWH (Hebrew letters Yod Hey Waw Hey) was originally written in His Word nearly 7000 times, but over the centuries has been nearly completely removed and replaced with titles such as Lord and God. His Name, YHWH (Yah is the short version…still found in Psalm 68:4) is His Character, His Nature, His Reputation and His Remembrance! When we say HalleluYah, we are saying “You praise Yah”, and bringing esteem to Him and His Name. YHWH is THE Name He told Moses was His Name forever and His Remembrance to all generations (Exodus 3:15), and THE Name He gave our Messiah, Yahshua and THE Name Yahshua proclaimed! It is time we remember our Father’s Name, and proclaim it as our Messiah did. The Father is restoring His Name to us in these last moments, just as He promised!
    “Therefore see, I am causing them to know, this time I cause them to know My Hand and My Might. And they shall know My Name is YHWH!” Jeremiah/YirmeYahu 16:21
    If anyone is interested in an excellent restored-names version of the Father’s Word, with His Name back where it belongs, the HalleluYah Scriptures is the best! ☺️🙏🏻


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