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SermonIndex is not just a website but really has become a movement of believers seeking the ‘old paths’ (Jeremiah 6:16). This journey of faith weaves through the current state of evangelical Christianity and the passionate preaching of many godly ministers in our day. Many are seeking authenticity, reality and sincerity in the Christian faith. In a day when popular preachers are telling lies (Jeremiah 5:30-31), there is a great renewed desire to find the real Jesus in the midst of the counterfeit. SermonIndex has been able to archive many of the best preaching messages given in the last 50 years in audio mp3 form, as well as digging into the history of the Church and archiving many of the encouraging text messages given.
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  1. One of my sons is homosexual. I love him dearly. He is very successful in the world’s eyes. We did not agree and I did not compromise God’s Word when we were together. When the last administration succeeded in changing our laws of marriage, my son blocked me in fb, would not return my calls etc. Finally he called me. He told me that I did not love him, I did not support him, I did not encourage him ….I just listened and waited. When he was done criticizing me, I told him that I do not want anyone in my life who does not want to be in my life, and that I accept his decision. He was stunned. He said,” Well, that answers my question.” I told him he did not ask any questions, but told me to stay out of his life. I told him he is intolerant, not me. I said I could not compromise truth, but that I would still love him and pray for him. I sent cards, but he will have nothing todo with me. His choice because I refused to accept his sexual perversion. God said,” Be holy for I Am holy,” God wrote a book and that book will be opened in judgement. Compromising with sin and sinners will leave them condemned to eternity without Christ and the Father. How is that loving?

  2. "Do not despise prophecies, but test everything." People have been ignoring the warnings of God's prophets and seers for decades and decades about what is coming to this nation, and to the world. Judgment is no longer coming, it is here. As pastor Dana said and warned from God in his mercy, "Brace yourselves, brace yourselves, brace yourselves." Three times. I myself have had many dreams over the years, as so many others also have had, about judgment coming to this nation. Foreign troops. Mass migration of entire neighborhoods and cities. Terrible violence among the citizens of the people against other innocent civilians. Homes being pillaged. Rape, murder. War. Bullets flying. Bombs dropping. Silent weapons designed to kill people inside buildings while leaving the buildings intact. The Antichrist. The mark of the beast. Mass deception. Perilous times are ahead, people. The message the Lord gave me to tell his people long ago when he closes the doors on the churches and sends everybody home is this, "Go home! Get your houses in order! Bloodshed is about to enter into the land! There is no escape." Translation: Get yourselves right with God, because many of you are about to die. That's biblical. "Whoever is to go into captivity, into captivity he must go. Whoever is to be killed by the sword, by the sword he must be killed. This calls for the patient endurance and the faithfulness of the saints."

    Please read your bibles and repent from all your sins and fast and pray and seek the face of God. Get your houses in order. Judgment is no longer pending, it is impending. It is here and it's not gonna stop until Jesus comes back.

  3. This is VERY IMPORTANT! I didn't watch the video(s) about those dreams so many are talking about. I heard about them and a 15 second summation of them was enough. Why? Because there are other Christians who have had prophecies saying the exact opposite, with many of their prophecies having already come to pass. But then, when you look at the people behind these prophecies, you find they went to a "prophecy school." We live in an age when anything and everything is happening so, what is the sincere seeker and follower of God to do? (Especially since we don't personally KNOW these "prophets.") Here's what I've decided:

    We are drowning in a sea of so many different teachers, pastors, prophets, teachings, bibles, doctrines, theories, and predictions. Pre-trib or Post-trib? Is Trump God's man or a deception? Have books been left out of the Bible or not? One prophecy of doom and another of hope. Guns or no guns? Illuminati, vaccines, evil politicians, stolen elections, tainted food, 501c3 churches, etc., — it's enough to drive a normal person INSANE! But God's not a God of confusion. He's not given us a spirit of fear but a sound mind. So how can we have, rest, and walk in that?!?!?!

    Proverbs 3:5-6 is my guide. We also live in an age where sermons are so easily available to listen to online. Anyone you want to listen to, you can. You can search to find any specific topic, too. While this is a blessing, it's also a curse because, without discernment and your own close, personal, intimate, daily, habitual relationship and time with Jesus, YOU ARE IN DANGER OF DECEPTIONS. With so much available, most people (yes, most) are relying on watching sermons, podcasts, movies, audio books, online instead of seeking God for themselves. You can't rely on SOMEONE ELSE'S relationship with God. You MUST have your own. (Or Matthew 7:21-23, the most horrific words in all of scripture) will be spoken to you.

    People keep asking pastors and teachers which preacher, book, music, version of scripture, church, prophecy, etc., they can trust. Why? If you have your own relationship with Jesus (which develops your ability to discern these things as well as hear God speaking directly to you), you won't have to ask anyone else. You won't be ruled by confusion, lack of wisdom, fear, or your emotions! These things are WHY people keep asking people like Shane these questions.

    Develop your own relationship with God through repentance, total surrender, putting away everything of this world, and making the time. If you don't, you will always walk in confusion and fear, risking hearing Matthew 7:21-23 spoken to you. Instead you'll have God's peace, rest and assurance.

  4. Yes, food eaten late in the evening, prior to going to bed for the night, can affect your dreams. This has been known for well over a century…there is even mention of this in a book called "Scrooge". I'm not messing with you, this is real.

  5. True words fitly spoken! The word is our anchor! Jesus is our Rock and He is the word made flesh. Yes prayer is vital! I need to pray more! God bless you! We all have 24 hrs a day right,?🤗🕊🔥✝️💖💕❣


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