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  1. Amen Bro. Levi, Jesus Christ is an actually being, and the Bible is an inanimate object showing us the ways of Jesus. We wouldn’t see a photograph of a person and say it is the actual individual. Christ saves us not the KJV Bible!

  2. I have had to realize that our english bible translation may not fully embrace the greek or hebrew text meaning. So I did look at hebrew meanings for 'above', 'all' and 'name' in this Psalm. In that effort, I can see the portion that says "for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name", to something like, "for thou hast magnified thy word according to your whole authority or character"?? When I look at the hebrew, I can see a clearer picture emerging. I totally get what you mean. I sometimes listen to Steven BenNun because as a Christian Jew who speaks hebrew, he often clarifies our english text. I have often been shocked at what he reveals. Hugs!

  3. It make me sad when I hear people say "the devil can't trick you into the mark"


    Don't forget he's a biblical scholar and knows how to misrepresent verses, did he not do that to Jesus?

  4. Thank you brother Levi !
    By the Grace of God we are following JESUS _ Yeshua _ The Way, the Truth, the Life. Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, The Name Above All names. God in flesh, the Messiah. He is the One and He is a Living God. Thank you Father for giving us Your Son !
    We will know the TRUTH, because Jesus Himself lives in us, by His Grace.
    I am starting a fast tomorrow for 3 days. We are staying together in prayers church ! In Jesus Name, Amen

  5. Psalms 138:2 KJV
    I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.

    Who and what is God's word, it's jesus. Not words in a book.

    Because we have to remember, there are other people's words in the bible as well
    The devil spoke words and it is written in the bible.
    David, moses, Pilate, paul, peter,
    So their words are also in the bible.

    In the beginning was the word,
    God was with the word and God was the word.

    It's clearly speaking of the Lord jesus.
    Not words written in the bible. Even tho the words of the Lord is everywhere in the bible.

    All glory goes to jesus, all worshipping goes to Jesus.
    It's like, do you give glory to Jesus for what he did on the cross or do you give the glory to the cross itself.
    No, you give it to jesus.

    Psalms 138.2 is clearly speaking about the lord, not the bible itself.

  6. Philippians 2:9 God also hath highly exalted Him(Jesus), and given him a name which is above every name. Psalm 138:2 is not talking about KJV its talking about Jesus. Jesus is The Word of God(John 1), bibles are just testimonies confirming that.

  7. I keep warning what the holy spirit said to me after I humbled my self even if it falls on deaf ears.

    This is not an opinion or interpretation the holy spirit said this him self.

    Trump = Daniel 11 19.

    Biden = Daniel 11 20.

    Obama = Daniel 11 21.

    It is Revelation 17:10-11 KJV Trump=6th Biden=7th Obama=8th & of the 7 the 5th head and the 8th.

    This is what the holy spirit said to me.


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