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singing is hard. 4/10.


*NOTE: YES, you can use my music as long as you give me credit in the description. NO, I do not have tabs!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNDERTALE! Big thanks to mah buddy Christian Richardson for killing it with the solo! He tossed it out under super short notice so give him some props guys! Can’t believe it’s already been a year since this wonderful game came out and also almost a year since i released my first Undertale cover. Don’t worry, I have more in the works! 😀 also YES i know this song can technically be “Undertale” but His theme is what i based it off of more.


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Original Composer(s): Toby Fox

Arrangement: Legendav

Cinematography: Simon Johnson


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  1. It sounds like you're going to have a final battle that will end everything, the game, the story, the battles. You kind of know that this is the end. And at this moment you remember all your actions that led here (to the final boss), all the story you were preparing for this moment. You leveled up many times just for only chance to fight with Boss. And even more, you came here for Victory. This is the last Chapter and there will be no continuation. Grand finale. And in this regard, this Remix is better than the original. More emotional, more final (?). And Yes, it looks like a song from some anime in the last series. As for me, this is the perfect version of the" last " song.

    Sorry, I was using Google Translate.


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