A company thats was completely complicate in 911(FACT) They now have TSA groping,leering and ABUSING ederly, children and Handicapped and they were instituted after 911(A FALSE FLAG) wake the F%$# up!!!!1984 is HERE.
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  1. boycott air lines! just drive or don't go!!! you want a 20.00 airline ticket anywhere? then all stop flying till there almost bankrupt, and there prices will plummet. same with banks, STOP putting YOUR money in there banks!!! what your not intelligent enough to hold your own money!?

  2. richie you are best nick from albertville richie keep it up the world is crazy people just dont care you open up my eyes people need to listen some people just want end is close crazy

  3. ➡🍪🍪🍪↪💩💩💩
    Now, I'll probably get vid recommendations on how to make great chocolate chip cookies, because mine 🍼!

  4. The smear campaign against this guy caught my attention. United and whoever else worked with them in the media, came up with these "criminal" allegations against Dr. David Dao, to make him look bad, so that people won't be sympathetic towards how roughly he was being treated. Also, notice that it was a computer, which supposedly "randomly" selected David Dao as the passenger to oust from the United Flight, after no other passenger volunteered to give up their seat.

  5. Sure, that was bad, but what you are doing is infinitely worse! And, there was no ways an insignificant creep like you would have done anything about it.You would have cheered it on because your seat was safe, you fraud!

  6. I feel the same rfb since the majority isn't prepared to go on a with it one by one we fall..I saw girly men on that plane..the people dragging the Doc of the plane look G hard….this is so farked…

  7. No one needed to go to jail! A real man or just a real HUMAN being on that plane would have witnessed the escalation and volunteered to take this mans place and caught another flight. I am not shocked at the airline or the officers behavior all par for the course. I am concerned about how NOT one person stood up to volunteer or at least tried to civilly work something out. All trust lost for humanity in a nutshell!

  8. They over book selling seats, to make sure they do not have a empty seat! when everyone shows up, they pull this crap! this is not created by a mistake. Can you sell your car to two people and hope one of them don't show up to pick it up? what a monopoly these people put on us. Boycott United, and everyone that overbooks (sells seats to more than one person)!

  9. I don't watch corporate media news but i live next to me mother who has the television on all the time.
    When I heard this I didn't believe it. It doesn't make any sense. When you are seated, no one is going to ask you to get off.
    I can't be bothered to look at the story of who this person is or anything. People waste too much time learning these things and been distracted. Its a distraction and waisting people time and effort. But when you need to investigate these things and use your valuable time to present your case to expose these occurrences. I commend you for doing that as a human being who cares. I do it too.
    We are left researching and finding inconsistencies in the dialogue.
    One thing I picked up. As the man was been dragged, another woman walks past. You can hear a man say he's an old doctor. How did the man know he is an elderly doctor. For one thing, he look remarkably young for 69.
    And did the man say he was a doctor when he was been forced to leave his seat.
    I don't know about anyone else but this is the first time I even heard of anything like this happening.
    Are there any early videos before he was been dragged off. I believe this is a drill. A staged event.

  10. we need to take them down somehow …ther has to be a way to get the people who have woken up like me and others to start doing practical physical things to rebel in our own communities …if you can think of anything let me know im at your service richie ..let us know what you think in one of your videos of you can respond to me directly ….you probablly wont because you dont know me but i really feel like i need to take some action but i want my action to be affective so let me know somehow what you think ….people arnt listening anymore so its time for proactive action

  11. I would have jumped up and helped that small man out too, these days people are such pussified wusses they sit  look and do nothing,,, most people will drive them and there Family to the Fema Camp,,,,, God   bless

  12. I sense a time coming when all travel is viewed as "suspicious activity", and airports will often have nicknames, like: "LAX Maximum Security Airport", "O'Hare Home For The Criminally Insane". At the airport we will be issued simple hospital-gown feeling, but penitentiary looking "travel clothes" to render us all harmless, and secured to our seats at the airport and on the airplane – for our own protection. We will never be allowed to take anything with us. Terrorists might make use of something – anything – very imaginative lot they are…

  13. United Airlines stock went way down the day after this happened and they lost over $700 million,but if this was in fact a staged hoax,then I'm willing to bet that put options were placed weeks, maybe even months ago and now those who had placed those same put options are laughing! The point to my comment is that anything that has a stock price can be rigged for financial gain because people can be so predictable!


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