As initially exclusively reported by The College Fix, in the most recent wave of the diversity, equity and inclusion movement at North American universities, the University of California took the decision of pushing a new “anti-racism performance review tool,” which is essentially an auto-evaluation tool that allegedly helps determine whether or not someone is a racist.

As it’s pointed out on the university’s website, the test wants to guide “anti-racism principles and practices that can be applied uniformly across the UC system by leaders, supervisors and managers to better communicate and carry out anti-racist core values and cultivate a climate of belonging for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) staff members.”

The questions focus on how one treats people of colour within the university community, without ever mentioning white students or equal treatment between students of colour and white students. 

Here is a list of the 10 questions asked in the survey:

  • Actively embraces and engages in personal professional development to lead BIPOC supervisees.
  • Promotes inclusion of racially diverse voices in working groups
  • Cultivates psychological safety for BIPOC staff on their team
  • Builds understanding of racial microaggressions and takes steps to eliminate them from the workplace.
  • Recognizes BIPOC staff contributions.
  • Develops BIPOC staff in ways that acknowledge their unique context.
  • Incorporates understanding of racism, discrimination and allyship into leadership, attending to our multicultural, global staff’s learning needs.
  • Ensures anti-racist workload is equitably distributed.
  • Embraces best practices in hiring and onboarding BIPOC staff
  • Promotes wellness and self-care among BIPOC staff and managers

An issue one might find with the survey is that it is entirely based on a leftist view of racism, notably critical race theory. For instance, when one considers themselves colourblind, which means disregarding a person’s skin colour and focusing instead on their character, it suggests that they “resist anti-racist practices.”

According to the website, “this is only a prototype,” and after each question there is room to give comments on how to improve the survey. 

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