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  1. I find it very hard to understand how commentators can continue with colour blind individualism when the entire political and big business class are determined to make whites a minority in their own countries. And if we are all just individuals, why do people overwhelmingly live near and form relationships with their own kind? The data on differing levels of ethnocentricity among different groups is very clear. Believing otherwise is just naive.

  2. The discontented are not interested in any heroic deeds that led to emancipation or whatever. The more you remind them of their past by relating historical facts, the angrier they become. They hAte their history and would like it to never have hAppened. Nobody likes it when someone helps them. It makes them look inferior. There should never have been conquerors or victories over anyone.

  3. Have to say AA, it's quite obvious Nagasaki and Hiroshima were nuclear bombings.
    You can clearly see people with burn patterns that perfectly fit intense thermal radiation. Like they have a wireframe pattern on their bodies because they were behind a chainlink fence when the bomb hit.
    I've no doubt carpet bombing and nuclear bombing produces similar structural results but the conclusion "ergo nuclear energy is false" doesn't really follow.

  4. On the vaccine – just say no. Don't help foster the idea of chaos as a viable option…means to an end. It won't end. It's NOT JUST about a vaccine shot. So disincentivize it, run interference on it, make it uncomfy, make it normal to doubt.
    Personally I like the way Ivor Cummings (on youtube) handles this.

  5. What I cannot understand is what is the point of the BBC's decision to remove the lyrics from Rule Britannia?

    To reach whatever position it is in the BBC that allows someone to make this decision, the person must surely at the very least be a competent adult insofar as being able to get up in the morning, interact socially with people, and work their way up the ladder of a corporate environment.

    Given that this is the case, it still astounds me that we end up with such people making decisions that can legitimately be described as trolling the nation. What else can it be called other than trolling? No semi-competent adult could consider their decision and not comprehend how provocative it is, so why do they go ahead with it anyway? Why does no one working with them point out the obviously bad decision that it is?

  6. Monkey Dust is probably the funniest thing the BBC has ever made. 15 years ago now and near impossible to find. Would never get made now. Racist tomato scene comes to mind from the final episode. Such a shame the creator died and only 18 episodes were made. YouTube the kids from the estate, for some of the quintessential middle class mocking.

  7. I have concerns we've been trained into expecting the cathedral to use all the tools at its hands to sway election results whilst still losing because that's what has happened so many times recently.

  8. The Democrats always project and right now they're currently accusing Trump of trying to steal the Election by blocking mail in voting. They're pretty much admitting that they are trying to steal the election with mail in voting.

  9. The Blue Boy sample is "Remember me? I'm the one who had your babies, I". It's just an I'm-yo-baby-mama claim. Why internet lyric sites have mangled that into baby's eyes, like it's about advanced surgerical practices, I'm unsure.

  10. Mark, NSO, May I suggest that you tell your supremacist friend who has based their identity in their race and you have NO RIGHT to strip that from her, that that is EXACTLY what a racist does…..It is not a good idea to base your worth on an immutable characteristic such as race lest others do the same…that was exactly what MLK was trying to warn you about when he said judge me NOT by the colour of my skin but by the content of my character, now, I would guess your friend has no worthwhile character to fall back on and is unwilling to develop character and thus takes the lazy and easy path of just calling everyone racist to get their own way.

  11. Moreover, the massacre of the whites in Haiti convinced the whites in what was to become the Confederacy that if the slaves there were freed, they, the whites, would all be killed. Indeed, it could well be hypothesised that if the Haiti massacre had never happened and thus the whites in the Southern States not been scared silly by it, that there would have been no Civil War, no Reconstruction, no segregation, no Jim Crow, and thus none of the race riots that we have seen and are currently seeing.

  12. Your classism is a bit rich and fails to take into account the salty tars from the ships of the line and the front line soldiers who, over centuries, gave their lives to afford you your privileges today. The drunk, tattooed, coarse yobs you speak of could well be the one's that save this country from what's coming. One thing is for sure, it won't be your types, giddy on self righteousness.

  13. On 'old comedy' films and sitcoms might also be well worth a look. Contrast Steptoe and Son (absolute classic) and Fools and Horses.
    With film you might venture as far as the non pareil Mr.George Formby Jnr. If the Britisher is available an investigation of Ealing Comedy through the lens of Trumpton, and subsequent social vandalism might be interesting


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