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  1. We all have been deceived even because we are going the way of the spirit of Babylon, paying tribute to live lest its taken away, like high property tax, our whole system of money in the way we are valued, the way of our labor is valued, the way money gets value, even how we pay taxes to the Global so called elite, who see us a beast, like cows to feed off, like oxen, driven in a direction, in spirit and ways of error in truth, but none the lest its all to the glory of God the Kingdom on earth manifest from the beginning, of the Spirit of the way of our Lord, the spirit of life. But of the error of the way every time we spend or earn money a portion goes to pay tribute, because they have money, by way of the FED of a system rigged in the favor of welfare for the rich, even more than 50% by the time all is said and done, where instead of being rewarded in caring for the people of the nation as a whole, people are taxed, in a way of error causing unrest and division, through the hijacking of our treasury, its like they took of the spirit of the way of the rivers of life and dammed it, diverted it into a private reservoir and then they sell us bottled water, having only streams of wealth flowing through well positioned family dynasties private property and pipelines, rather than the river of living waters flowing freely into the lands of freedom, of the treasury seat of Our Lord in spirit and truth, feeding the fields that together with Mans labors of love of ways of truth there is harvest of abundance (without lacking) prosperity and peace of service and gratitude caring for one another in meeting the needs of the nation as a whole, given rest from our labors, that we are blessed in caring for the sick, poor and retired, the money passing through their hands and into the hands of the Merchant's, farmers and workers in our being good stewards over what God has given us to mind. We don't want Nations of unrest, falling apart, the people sick and hungry, children fighting, trash all over, and a whole bunch of debt for when the LORD returns. That there is the spirit of the way of truth of the Lord, learning to live with God of his way of truth, the way of good faith, even note$ provided in good faith, as a means of exchanges of our labors of love, fed through ways of assets of labor, getting value of ways of assets of value to the whole, notes which we honor in good faith, feeding of the economy in caring for one another in sickness and health, a marriage in the way of God in spirit and in truth.

  2. In google write IS THE and then hit space on your keyboard and see what comes up first. Out of millions of possible suggestions it will show the biggest awakening movement to the biggest lie ever- FLAT EARTH. Research it on Youtube. There are thousand of videos proofing that. Start with THEY ARE HIDING GOD WITH THE GREATEST LIE EVER.

  3. Are we witnessing a para-dime change, meaning the spirit of the way of the Nation has gone back to the way of the spirit of truth, based upon the way of spirit of our elected leader who is not ashamed of God. And Check out what the Lord revealed in spirit. We know that its written "Water" along with "blood" and "Spirit" bares witness, and if we see in spirit "water," water is in all of life and we Christians get that, even that water is an element of God which gives life in ways of truth. And so it came upon me of what to say to the world of a prospective of understanding: We must learn to live with God even as we do with the oceans and sea's of the ways of truth in climate change, where in going the way of God in ways of truth we are blessed even as we are of the bounty of the sea, of its living waters that feed; but too there are sharks that go the way in the midst of the Sea feeding of the way of death, using what is of God even trying to feed upon fish who are protected of the way of God in the shoals and shallows, that we can see the truth. And really its true we as people need to learn to live with God and go his way of truth, the spirit of the way of truth, the spirit of the way of life in truth, the way of Jesus, the way God would have us go in spirit and in truth. because if we error by denying the truth we are going in the way of "the spirit of error," where Error becomes a way of spirit, the spirit of the way of unrest, the spirit of the way of death, the way of spirit Satan would have Man go manifesting "truths of error" destruction, suffering, and death. And so God sent word of his love the truth of the spirit to spare mankind the error of ignorance. And it makes perfect sense to me in seeing in spirit the spirit of the way of God and Jesus, seeing how it is of the God given spirit of life that we go the way manifesting truths in truth, or truths of error in denying the truth of God and Jesus, which is a contrary way of spirit which leads to death in error. For example, of the spirit of life, I went the way of truth, going the way of the spirit of preserving life, manifesting a house, by going the ways of truth, making the connections in the spirit of the way, that the house was manifest Truth in the way of truth of God, even as it was God who manifest material truth the elements of creation, and by way of the spirit of truth manifest Jesus truth, his being of spirit and truth wholly. holy in spirit and wholly in material truth. And its why we worship God in Spirit and in truth, going in the spirit of the way of truth of God and Jesus. Man, God is awesome when one truly understands the way of the spirit of truth, in truth, there is a lot to be thankful for, as he has given us the spirit of the way to manifest the kingdom of God, we need only make the connections in truth.

  4. So liberals are questioning the merits of democracy "because it gave us Trump and Brexit" as I heard recently, and the rest of us are questioning the news and various other media platforms. bye bye western civilisation, hello NWO!  The frenzied left vs the rest of us.

  5. "thank very much you are welcome Mr " loll ur funny man. Only one thing i don't get about donald jump is when they asked him if he never asked for forgiveness and he said no! as a man who said he always go to church, how can he say something like this ? what kind of church he goes to. And did u guys watch is inauguration? like he was talking like a man of god i think he might be the anti-Christ. Bro there is a lot to learn on his inauguration day, I'd like u to make a video of his inauguration day.

  6. Oh yea its been this way since Oct.1, 2016
    Remember when people were saying the elite were attempting to takeover the web/internet, so they could control the masses by disinforming them creating fear & chaos.

    Funny that they do this after wikileaks began to bust em all out right along with Clinton, we now have evidence on Obama, Soros, The Podesta bros. Anthony wiener & his wife(?) huma, James Alefantis etc..

    See why folk gotta check things out for themselves? Quit shooting the messengers & listen to the message!


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