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UNREAL! Mother becomes Trans-DAD & Son becomes a Trans-Girl & FATHER is OK With it ALL?


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  1. Listen my friends l am a retired nurse ok, l was working on a maternity floor l had few patients came to remove their breasts to come a man. Then they will have take progesterone hormone to continue the processus. They were nice bêtifia ladies. It was about in years 1994- 1996. At that time Satan was not too agressive now he is making overtime.7/7, 24/24. But our Almighty Yeshua Messiah is on His Way to come to. Lay off him.MARANATHA 🙏🙏🙏

  2. I believe the devil hates men, especially…..
    And, where in the bible does it say, ?"God made Adam and Steve" and "God created them male and male" and "That is why a man will leave his father & mother and stick to his man"

  3. I love the end!!! yes my brother! I seen it before in the mirror my face was gone there was a dead lady and my reflection was gone!! I had a witness too,he's right!!!

  4. This is a sick perverted family!! an when they stand before the judgement seat he will be judged as a she what she really is an her so call son will be judged as a boy!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!!! SATAN has really twisted your minds please people stop don't fall into sick perverted mess!!!! stand up for what right an truth please!

  5. Back in the day, these people would get help by being admitted into mental hospitals.

    Now during the End Days, they are being exploited by the MSM, and admitted into hospitals for sex changes.


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