The book of Daniel is misunderstood by many, but the prophecies, the beasts and the stories can be understood. Discover the keys to understanding the truth for our time as Pastor Mark Finley unseals the mysteries of this biblical book.

This is part 1 of a series on the book of Daniel. The primary study of this video is Daniel chapter 1.

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  1. Why did Jesus Christ distributed fish to the multitude, it can be because to keep them alert but not sleepy ,to listen to his preaching, it can be to remove their tiredness after walking with him. For long distance.,it could be to boost their immune system not to fall sick and may not have any stomach upset problem.

  2. Pastor Greg, stop being in denial…All Mega Churches must fight against this evil of the vaccine, this is the mark of the beast and you all have the money to protect us. Please contact The American Front-Line Doctors and the Doctors who publish the Autism magazine, these doctors know the data we need to fight these diabolical lovers of money and they are willing to vaccinate us with this vaccine that will change our DNA, Why isn't the Church taking about this. It MUST BE ADDRESS. Why are you all not fighting the devils works about this vaccine?
    They will vaccinate us all and they will incarcerate us Christians for NOT taking the mark of the beast. Call all the MEGA churches and address this issue, Please. Why are you all sleeping.

  3. Mark Finley, i want to now have to understand Daniel 7. vers 12.
    Have long is that profesy?
    Dan 7:12
    As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away: yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time.

  4. Stop following man Stay in sola scriptura follow Christ Stay way from Jesuit false teachings example> Daniel 9 was gloriously fulfilled by the anointed one, Jesus Christ, who was cut off, but not for himself, 3.5 years into his ministry. Futurism dispensationalists are unwittingly spreading false Jesuit teachings! One Lord, One Faith, One Way.The Jesuits created Futurism from the Beliar myth found in these writings, indicating that modern Dispensational Futurist theology is nothing more than pagan Roman Catholic mythology convoluted around real scripture.

  5. I believe Jesus Christ will return during the festival of trumpets that stands for the rapture either this year or next year God only knows for sure when he is going to send his son to bring his family home

  6. scriptures tell us there's only one God & His name is JESUS – and there's only one way to be saved – ACTS @ – repentance, baptism in JESUS name, receiving the HOLY GHOST with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues. without JESUS' salvation you cannot see the kingdom of heaven.

  7. Daniel does tell us when Christ will return, Jesus when speaking of his second coming said " when you see Jerusalem surrounded & the desolation of the abomination " Daniel explains the desolation of the abomination as the ceasing of the daily sacrifices. History shows us that in 70AD Rome ( explained in Daniel as a beast" surrounded Jerusalem & destroyed the temple causing the ceasing of the daily sacrifices. Now read Daniel carefully & he is told that after the last beast ( Rome) falls the eternal kingdom of Christ will come into effect. End time teaching was perfectly scriptural & in order up until 70AD when it was fulfilled while end time teaching now is out of sync with God ,although scriptural it is not in order to put Christ's coming that has already taken place as an event in the future .

  8. It was not a Jewish temple it was a Hebrew temple. Levite's are a tribe of the Hebrew people not of the tribe if Juda. I have traced my bloodline all the way back to Manassah son of Joseph son of Jacob. I'm Hebrew not Jewish. Levites had the temple because they are the eternal priests which is why I believe Yashua/ Jesus was a Levite.

  9. He still gives us prophesy. All the books written by Paul were prophesy because he wrote about our blessed hope the rapture. Which we are to know the season. People think because of this pandemic virus we are in the last days. Not so. This virus will disappear Nov 3rd

  10. Going to n fro, an increase in knowledge? Other Pastors have translated that by air travel, n obviously, knowledge thanks to the sciences. 🧪 They’re even talking abt genes editing🧬, computer 💻 science, of course, which may not be such a great thing as far as jobs is concern.

  11. The book of Daniel start with the 3th year of a king (the first chapter) and finish with the 1th year of another king. There we have the number 31. And that continue through the book. Jesus Returns Will be in 2031.

  12. You WILL know the end from the beginning!
    WEEKS = of Years, PENTECOSTS and Jubilees (7×7+1), 70×7×7+70=70 from Moses: Creation & the WEEK of God, 7000 years. Now read Daniel 9:24-27 to know the time of the end. 120 70 & 40 years & ALL WEEKS: of generations.


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