This Is Something Important God Revealed to me concerning the month of March 2022, Please pray about this.


Dear Lord, I come to you today with all of my heart, forgive me of my sins, wash me clean from my iniquities and purify my heart. I acknowledge that you are Lord and have died for my sins & I accept you as my Lord & Savior. I surrender my life totally to you today.
Today I’ve become a born again. Thank you Lord.


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  1. 1, Protesting people on the streets: Shanghai lockdown? 2. Multiplication. – multiplication of the covid virus? You said multiplication of souls. Very vague! Can’t verify this one. Then an ad at 7:46, followed by preaching without any other prophecy. Looks like the protesting is the closest one here, but that’s more for April, but this isn’t so surprising these days.

  2. Meditate on YaHuWaH's great NAME!
    For he is AllaHaYnu = Almighty Merciful echad 🔺🔯

    Listen to your hEARt beat, YaH*WaH, YaH*WaH, YaH*WaH! Can you hEAR the hearts natural cadence and speech? That's the creators name!

    Now try to say YAh🔯Wah while sucking inward deeply…. ☀️🌝✨💜Note: will cause YaHuWaH's breath, phonetic tone, frequency, WORD, LIGHT 🔯 to dwELl in you 🐑, as wELl.🔯🔺☀️🔻🛸🕋

    🌝✨That's why it's YaHuWaH 🔯💜🛸

    Hear the true secret beloved. Through the mouth, inhale and pronounce Father's Great NAME YaHuWaH take it in and swallow it and allow his name to move down your throat! Relaxing your upper body while pulsing his name thru your kegEL muscles, ( they call ours pc muscles but it's kegEL),.. Do this while standing bent kneed, so your in the riding horse stance.

    5 minute sessions clear the mind, clean the blood, and may bring on
    Euphoria 👀 🧐You 4 e YaH!!!!🤓

    I know for a fact this works because my health has greatly improved and I have an abundance of YaH Key (energy🤔innerG🤗), and my body has filled back out, HalleluYah!💜💪

    Instead of speaking YaHuWaH outward? Speak it inward! Suck in a deep breath while simultaneously pronouncing YaHuWaH's name. And allow your upper body to relax as you ingest, and flex your kegEL muscles, (though they call ours pc, it's kegEL as one kin plainly see the El.  Flex in rhythm with ya hEARt beat, in your lower ShockYaH, (misnomered as chakra), YaHuWaH, YaHuWaH, YaHuWaH, YaHuWaH {at least 4 per 1 inhale}! Repeat the sequence. Mentally see the ⚛️sigNATURE🔯 of YaHuWaH forming, as you deep breath his Great NAME inward! See the 🔯sigNATURE⚛️ from YaHuWaH as it travels into your mouth and down through your body, to your kegEL, 4 beats, then out and down into the EARth!

    Done correctly, you ought not require to exhale!  Allow his self perpetual energetic toroidal field matrix, 🔯sigNATURE ⚛️ to go down your throat and out your front, instead of our your behind. It will feel strange at first, yet with practice you will be able to cycle your breath thru your mouth without having to exhale back out.

    Do this at least 9 times in a row, and watch how your innerG rises and you feel very stimulated!

    YaHuWaH AllahAYnu is the greatest! The Most High, the Almighty-Merciful, AllaHaYnu!🔯⚛️

    HalleluYah kum ba YaHuWaH, King YahuwaSha MessiYah 🔺🔯💜

  3. Good morning sister Chantal I ask for some prayer so a great miracle to happen it my life so I can get a good job that I would like an it would help mi tru out my benefit for my children an my family I also say tru go all thing are possible an I believe in you

  4. We pray accessoin of U kraine to the EU will end the war in Ukraine, we pray the body of Christ will be uplifted to new heights and out of oppression in this new season, in accordance with job 22:28 and this word, in the name and blood of Jesus Christ, amen and hallelujah!

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