Tribe of Christians host Brandon Dawson shares a shocking and urgent dream he had concerning NYC and the nation.

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  1. I have seen older videos of people having visions/dreams of tsunami type dreams over New York….. or they couldn't identify where it happened. ''I use'' to have visions that would happen, up to two years in advance, but normally within 3 to 5 days.

  2. Thanks for the message. I had visions of east coast being hit by a tsunami. I don't know what would be the cause. Earthquake or a asteroid strike. I seen Florida mostly underwater. No more California, just ocean. I seen nuclear explosions in a dream to the west. Half of the country from the west to middle of US were darkened. Big earthquake crack in the west from Wyoming to Arizona. This is crazy. God is getting our attention to warn. I pray for God to have mercy and to lift judgements. God bless you all.


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