Ambassadors of Christ Choir, April 2019

This song is lovingly dedicated to all who have chosen the path of Resilience and Hope, all those that have made a choice to keep the FLAME OF HOPE alive, all the men and women that still cherish our dearest hopes as a people.

Mama “Kanyarwanda’s” dying dream to his dear son was one of HOPE.
She looked beyond the dark storms and through eyes of Faith saw a light, a new order of things, she saw the end of suspicions, she saw the children playing together, folks working together in harmony on their farms, and the elderly folks seated together. She saw a renewed spirit of hard work, harmony and fraternity.

And finally, beyond that, through eyes of faith, she saw a distant and eternal Home. A home where there will be no more sin, death or Genocide. She saw, a grand reunion for all those that had been separated by death over the ages

A Home that our Lord Jesus has gone to prepare, A Home where the redeemed of all ages will forever dwell.




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