This video is for education and discussion purposes only. This is looking at wars and rumors of wars. 1984 – War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery – Problem Reaction Solution, Order Out of Chaos NWO

YouTube says this video: is hate speech but breaks down the truth of the issue using factual documentation. Watch and download it now.

Wag The Dog – Wars and Rumors of Wars –

Order Out Of Chaos – Divide & Conquer – Don’t Fall For It! –

The Masonic Plan To Bomb Iran? What’s Really Going On? –

All roads lead to Rome & the Jesuit. fake Jew/”Zionist”. Freemason. Knights Templar. Pharaoh, Secret Society, Luciferian/Satanist. Soon their headquarters will be Jerusalem. Judgement is coming. They will not be able to hide under rocks or in under ground bunkers. Times short! Jesus Saves! Follow Him!

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  1. And Now Ladies and Gentlemen you know why Donald Trump was "selected" to be president of the United States of America Because he is a businessman and He " IS " !!! "one of them"

  2. This is sickening 🤢🤮 it's like all the countries are governed and ran by spoiled brats, like little children waiting to play with expensive toys at the expense of everyone else's, but not their Children & Families, what do you do 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Elite politicians, we're taught in school, are men and women to be respected and admired when, in fact, they look out for no one but themselves, their top-tier CLASSmates, and The Cabal which controls them.

  4. I don't believe this shady cabal in Fashington a little tiny bit. They are all satanic liars. And watch out for these preachers, like baptist Robert Jeffress. The whole cabal is satanic and all of it americanism with this 1776 revolution of masons, all of this patriotic hype is satanic. Watch it and don't be a stupid one.

  5. Were all gonna be held responsible for the unnecessary wars and horrors our policy makers commit against the third world. The third world is gonna burn us at the stakes for the crimes our CIA has committed.

  6. Iran needs to be PUNISHED SEVERELY! They can't blow up oil refineries and get away with it! That old man said in 2013. 7 countries before would be attacked. Tat list was made before we went 2 Iraq! it's 2019 so I don't believe it! Where did Houthi rebels buy those expensive drones? IRAN gave it 2 them!

  7. Today is 91919, turn that upside down and what do you get? 6/6/6, the number of a man, the man of sin that is. Hes coming, but so is Jesus. WOE means, Watch, Overcome and Endure to the end. Jesus is the only safe refuge. God bless.

  8. Funny how all those Saudi passports fell from the WTC…funny how these Iran Missile have American writing and numbers on them…don’t they have there own language? And the Saudi evolved again.

  9. How pathetic is this Washington Hollywood(Zionist) disinformation dressed up to look like a real news story. “Trump is waiting to hear from Saudi officials as to who they think is responsible”… what a bunch of blatant lies and total deception! This is it everybody. They’re gonna go for it. I’d bet money this will lead towards our military becoming directly or indirectly (through the use of paid mercinery fighters) involved in military actions against Iran

  10. The Saudi Oil Attack sounds like one of the last wake up calls. Every single piece is ready to unfold the prophecies written centuries ago. Today is one of the last days to trust in the Only Begotten Son of God; the King of kings and Lord of lords; the Incomparable Jesus Christ. If someone dares to touch Mecca or the Wailing Wall or the Dome of the Rock we better be right with God. Maybe I’m wrong about the political spark that would ignite the final conflict, but I do have the certainty that every single word included in the Book of Revelation will happen. Wars and rumors of wars, a broken peace agreement, the son of perdition, the mark of the beast, and above all the Wrath of God against every creature in this planet. Unbelievers will not be able to avoid that horrific time. Today is the day my friends. Trust in the finished work of Christ in the cross. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The Alfa and the Omega & The Glory of God Almighty. He is always at the door. Call Him right now. He loves you. He is ready to be your personal Savior.
    “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”
    ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭3:20‬ ‭

    Whoever you are, God bless you in Jesus Mighty Name.

  11. SMH- Can you link me the video you posted that had the timeline presentation that showed 10/31-11/2 to be the likely date range of the “event”? It was about 2-3 months ago. Thanks!

  12. funny no one understands that the regime in Iran is installed by the CIA. When it was the revolution and the old government field, you think the greedy wolf dident made a plan for an "Iran-Take-Over" already 1978? And the world and all the bankers just sat and did nothing while a bunch of uneducated mullahs from the mountains and caves took over? A country who before that was number 1 in the world in all aspects. Sports, Musik, fashion, science, Teknologi… and with a complex 5000 years old history, culture & language. And for you who don't know, besides the USA and Israel, you have the bi

  13. Thank you for your video. I don't believe that Iran/Iraq did it. We all know that 911 was an inside Job. Please get the 2.7 Trillion Dollars back from Bush! It's The same Scam! NoMo
    Idiocy from These Greedy Bad Leaders Exploiting Public Resources for Their
    Private Pockets! Their Time is Up!

  14. Let me guess, US military and intel coordinate and finances a third party to sell the Houthis in Yemen some drones to attack Saudis, our ally, and destroy some Saudi Oil Infrastructure.
    US tells the Saudis the drones are coming to take out some pipelines, so stand down and let it happen.
    Saudis take down supply and production, do a little song and dance for a market reset, and then raise prices, and the markets react. The Saudis make a gob of money.
    US blames not the rebels in Yemen but Iran, dirty terrorist state of Iran……new sanctions on Iran, and maybe some provocative moves in their waters or over their air space.
    Iran is going down sooner or later. Iran was always the golden ring.

  15. The sickos are throwing it all right in our faces even their pedo crap – like Mattress FIRM, but the humans are too asleep to notice or care. They really think we need a mattress store on every corner.

  16. They want to delete arab from map so the can make new one called greater Israel.. so the welcome antichrist Jews zionist christina zionist are together for this mission..


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