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  1. In 1990 this word was spoken to me, that I was going to the united states, I was going to a place of many cattle where there were strong winds and wide fields, and he said it is there that he would pull me into his kingdom and establish me there for that time. I am still here as it was spoken. I became a Christan married and have children here in Texas. I have had many dreams and visions in this land and many times I have witnessed them come to pass including the devastation of the twin towers and the election of Donald Trump as President. Whooooo this word bears confirmation of a dream I had in 2021that Texas was a place of refuge in which I saw a huge Lion look at me and spoke to me and said "Are you ready!' and I saw people behind me carrying banners of all sorts of colors gold, white, blue all were running behind the great white lion as we were going to charge for battle, but then I saw people being thrown over to us and we were catching them with these banners and helping them, feeding them, taking care of their wounds, praying for them. Men, women, and children;

  2. There are many gifted individuals among us, but real prophets only a few if any! People are generally good and some special ones may be born with an insight or a special gift and many might and should use it to help the world and people in need. I believe that there are prophets, but not everyone who claims to be a prophet turns out to be a real or true prophet. That doesn't necessarily mean that the ones who think they are are bad people, frauds, fake or false prophets…There are simply many layers to good versus evil.

  3. The greatest prophet in the world is a Nathan Humbyrd in Rosalind Solomon The only two in the world that got the election right Nathan called out the world trade center attack followed her YouTube channel and you can find Nathan on telegram he’ll give you free prophecy never charge you

  4. And to some of you the blood of Jesus is like buying corn oil how dare you apply the blood of Jesus on ur car your house your phone and finally on the state? Didn't the blood of Jesus flow to the ground already how stupid you folks are God came and told you to go to Florida ? Simply stupid idiots

  5. We relocated to AZ 3 1/2 years ago from California….it was not planned, we were literally kicked out of California much as we enjoyed living on the beautiful Central Coast. I am VERY GLAD we are now in the mountains of northern Arizona…. blessings to All here🦁🐢🌍

  6. And can tell anyone on this site, if you get a reply back claiming to be this Prophet or any Prophet on anyone the true voices if God, and they say they have looked over ur profile and give you a word but only if you give to some orphanage somewhere. It's not this man of God! It's sham! A trick. I have seen on other true voices of God and its always a shame. DO not reply or send money.

  7. My friend from church told me to watch this video she said it has something to do with me to ask God and pray about it. I was raised & born in Texas but I moved to Arizona for a year then moved to Florida for another year and move back to Arizona again been here since then I pray for every city they all have my heart 🤍

  8. In 2021, my ex husband and I went to visit Florida because he has family there, 1st time there I said I want to move to Florida, the Most High blessed me to purchase a new construction home, 6 months later separation from husband, I didn’t know what to do, do I move back to Georgia or stay in Florida and asking TMH why? This video has encouraged me to stay in Florida if TMH’s will. Thank you

  9. I just started watching you, Prophet Arayomi. I know that you are planning various events and offering PDs, schools of learning. For those that are interested but are not able to attend in person, do you offer any online options for them? Also, your prophecy on the 3 chosen states … because we are to follow Yahshua, how do we know if we are to leave and transition to one of these states now? If this is the case, then how do you know which one to go to? As you said, People want to hear the voice of Yahshua and what He has spoken over the world , over their life. Thank you for your time and obedience to Yahshua!

  10. This girl on this other video told me bout this video . But I literally moving from Florida to Texas in February 2023 God gone move huge in Texas most def no question !! The Lord literally told me to move there in July junk powerful


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