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‘Useless’ CovidSafe app finally canned


The Federal government has finally dumped its controversial contact tracing phone app which cost taxpayers millions.

The CovidSafe app was launched in April 2020 under the Scott Morrison government and faced fierce criticism from users who found the app ‘useless’ in protecting Aussies from Covid-19.

Sky News reported:

Since its launch in April 2020 only two positive COVID-19 cases were found through the app without being identified by manual contact traces.

The app also only located 17 close contacts that had not already been identified by manual contact tracing.

News of the app’s demise spread this week after the Australian Department of Health asked users to uninstall the app.

An Apple App Store note read: CovidSafe is being decommissioned. Please uninstall the app. The CovidSafe was developed to assist contact tracing and stop the spread of Covid-19. The CovidSafe app is no longer being used to assist health officials with contact tracing’.

Many users complained of persistent issues with the app, including battery draining, particularly while the app was running in the background.


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