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  1. If the bible isn't from god then anything valuable it contains was written by men who looked at the world around them and figured out how to live well in it. If they could figure it out back then, we can figure it out today without all the baggage.

  2. Yes, Matt, Global Warming is as factual as Noah Story. Please stop pushing that crap. I thought you are fighting religions for the damage they cause to society, yet you yourself fell for religion, which is doing more harm than all world's religions combined.

  3. Sorry James, we can't fix global warming ,the Earth does what it does, it runs in cycles, hot ,cold somewhere in the middle ,just like 12000 years ago when we came out of the ice age ,we have no control over that, now were going to a warm cycle,the Earth will change as it needs to change, no matter what we do.

  4. “It (the Bible) is full of interest, it has noble poetry in it and some clever fables and some blood drenched history, some good morals and a wealth of obscenity and upwards of a thousand lies." — Mark Twain

  5. Sometimes Matt just goes on auto-attack. The caller presented his case poorly, but unless you understand Biblical references, you're going to miss a LOT of idiom, and cultural/literary references. East of Eden, Absalom, Absalom, cutting the baby in half, the golden calf, not my brother's keeper, the moving hand has writ, go to hell…. The Bible infuses Western language and culture like nothing else. So, while I'm an atheist, I was also an English major. Matt screwed the pooch a bit on this one.

  6. The bible can be a moderately good source of pop culture quotes like "I don't want you to change one jot or tittle of my job description" or some such.
    Other than that, it's main useful functions seem to be to prevent loose papers blowing off your desk or stopping your door from swinging shut – and even then, a glass paperweight and a rubber wedge would take up less space in a drawer.

  7. It's interesting. If you really think about it, if one were to use the story of the flood as a basis for teaching about devastating climate disruption… you would be necessarily making God analogous to the disruptive, negative agent in that scenario. If the goal is to teach people that disrupting the environment and destroying it is bad… why on Earth would you use the flood story? You're basically saying 'Don't be like God, cus he destroyed everything!'


  8. I have rad the bible twice. I never felt inspired, in fact it turned me off. Evangelicals claim to believe in the bible yet they lie about what it says and they lie about what it means. "Lies destroy faith". Once a person has lied to me, or repeated the lies of others as if it is true, I find it difficult to ever belief anything they ever say again.

  9. The only beneficial ideal or example I've obtained from the Bible is showing how religion or a ideal can manipulate others in to doing what some people want. It's disgusting, " if you don't do what God wants you to, or what he has told me to tell you, then this is what's going to happen" so I see that and ideal can be manipulated into controlling so many people with fear.

  10. I mean, I sorta agree with the caller. The Bible has some important historical ideas(depending on the translation you’re reading) and should be valued as such. In a museum, with the other historical oddities from bygone eras. Some bible scraps next to a nice Roman Letter and some Mayan stone etchings would be a cool little collection for any world history museum. But acting like that book has any important knowledge that we need it, and only it, to tell us, is come pelt Ely separate from the merits this caller is trying to say the Bible has. His whole argument seemed to boil down to, “it’s a historical book, so let’s read it like a modern self-help book. No, my guy, no argument that you brought up justify that.


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