An in-depth study of Ruth 4.

00:00 – Welcome
00:41 – Introduction
02:49 – “Close relative” (kinsman-redeemer)
05:27 – Obligations of the kinsman-redeemer
22:37 – Genealogical chart
26:05 – A story of love and redemption

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful Study! Thank you, Dear Jesus, for Your willingness to become “Our Kinsman Redeemer.” How beautiful that our redemption came out of Your Great Love for us. What a Blessing! ♥️🕊♥️

  2. How great and glorious that our God is the God of gods, and the only true God and Savior of His people throughout all generations. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Nobody who has read the Bible could ever honestly say that the God of the old testament is any different from the God of the new covenant.


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