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  1. My website: We are Living in Solemn Times my friends. I give you all a WARNING cry: DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE NO MATTER WHAT!! But do not be mislead into thinking that if you don't take the Vaccine you are Safe and guaranteed eternal life in Heaven with YESHUA. If you do not Repent and turn away from your sins, and confess them before God, you will fall for anything. You need to have a personal relationship with Jesus NOW and call upon his name while he may still be found. The Close of Probation is at hand, and the men of SODOM and men of BABYLON, and the EGYPTIANS are going to unite forces to fight against the remnant of the Most High. The Great Controversy is drawing to its conclusion. Turn your eyes upon Jesus now while you still can

  2. I only have one issue with your channel.
    I am not a Christian. Jesus Christ was invented by the Roman Flavian Empire and based on Titus Flavius' war campaign.
    Watch the documentary Caesar's Messiah by Joseph Atwill. It's on YouTube. It's based on the book that he wrote.
    Satan means adversary. Nothing more.
    Religion comes from the Latin Religare: To bind with string, to hold back.

  3. Great video! The truth is i woke up to this too around 2018! i got on a bus and smelled the scent of something human!
    I was so spiritually awake that day! maybe they'd all eaten mcdonalds or something, but i was so worried, i tried to wake up my mum but it didnt work!
    This is coming! we all need to prepare and believe in god!

  4. Why u never say nothing about Biden why u always bashing Trump..u must be a democrack..Biden and Obama are the ones u should investigate..Trump ain’t never passed a law against us and was never a politician..he ain’t perfect but u attack him like the world does..u should find that something u and wicked people have in common

  5. As I'm listening to this. I'm starting to notice the difference in a TRUE message from Yeshua, and the deception lucifer tries on ppl… I've heard a bunch of testimonials where ppl say yeshua came to them and told them this or that… and I've heard ones like yours, where he doesn't come and tell you what's gonna happen.. He SHOWS YOU

  6. I've heard that lately, lucifer has been appearing in ppls dreams AS yeshua, or at least what ppl THINK he looks like… he has been deceiving ppl like this… that's why God tells us NOT to pay too much attention to dreams like that because of this… so yes, while God DOES use dreams to send messages and such, it's not safe to trust EVERYTHING we see in our dreams

  7. I had a vision of a big serpent swallowing my four footed animal and I never prayed saying rebuke I attempted to cut the serpents head off with a butter knife. After trying to use a shotgun then fell apart.

  8. Young man you really did hit this one on the head I'm so proud of you I love you and your family tell me where should a person go that doesn't want to be surrounded by the military base or the city I live in the country Virginia and I want to leave here so bad I've been wanting my family members and friends and everyone I even reposted your video I just don't know what to say about them getting it or not I was just trying to do God's Will by warning them but they got mad at me I just want to be somewhere where I feel safe what would you suggest a nice place to go thank you for the reading I am woke and I'm ready

  9. If you have any doubt that Christ died on the cross and resurrected in 3 days as atonement for our sins , all people , good bad and indifferent then if you need a deciding fact then listen , all the forces against a God or Dieity put all there effort towards who ? not Mohamad , not Budda , not the pope or ect, ect ect ,or blah blah blah , its Jesus Christ the son of God , him alone , I wonder why well it's because that's who is going to put them in hell fire and damnation , Folk's believe , repent and choose life joy after death ! God bless All !

  10. I need prayer, I have been possessed. I can't sleep or eat without falling into spirit realm which I got attacked by the evil ones and my family. I've been initiated by the food from my family and every food I want to eat is trying to initiate me. I only eat bread and the room am staying I got attacked all the time and I couldn't get response when pray.


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