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  1. I still have an Xbox one. I don't play Mortal Combat but my Dad does. He just started playing it again and I've started getting panic attacks and nightmares. I believe that that is what is causing that stuff.

  2. Please see this i play mortal kombat alot but i don't have any nightmares but if it starts to happen ill stop playing that game is this the right thing i dont let it affect my praying ….please let me know if its bad

  3. Cant u make a video about pot and weather it's ok it not ok. Even if prescribed. I heard some say its was a plant that grew from the ground so it's ok more or less like it ok because it's been around for ever. I admit I have a hard time understanding the bible and I find it every hard to understand so I watch u and a few others to help learn more about our god and I truly fully belive jesus is the way to to heaven and his heavenly father please and if u made a vido can u send me the vido sir my g mail. Is please help ty.

  4. I really fell u on this video this is why i pray before i go to sleep and when i do see domnic things in video games i love to expose them as a child of god and id really get zoneout for real sp im good and. Its just one of the thingsi do fpr enertament but atlests i always stay awake and expose some things in video games un like some people

  5. What about just watching videogames, like watching walkthroughs here on YouTube? Also dose this apply to all videogames, like are they're any that are ok?

  6. That was happening in my house. Thought it was my cats playing with it. Now I know I was right. Last summer I took out cable and stoped grandson from playing games. But his mother still let's him when he goes for visits. I notice a distink change in his attitude after playing them. I have never liked any of them, even Pac man when I was a teen!! Could never understand how people enjoy killing things and fighting. Does not teach love and understanding each other.

    My home is now clean,Had an exorcism on my house. The last the demon box said before leaving, Defeated she is to strong. I have not had any more problems. Grandson only has nightmares now after a peer talks to him about the games!! We say our prayers everyday for people to wake up and see what has happened to our WORLD. I have know since child hood that things where not as they seemed. People said I had an over active inmagnation. I know I have been right in my thoughts and feelings. I Know now I have been awake and watching and waiting on people to wake up and catch up. My Our Father Bless and Keep you. Allways love and help others.


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