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  1. Wayne, you should really check out On Point Preparedness latest vid. I think it would really help you to gain a more complete perspective. I thought it was one of the best videos he has made.

    I don't recommend things very often. I know you'll like it

  2. Do people realize that sheriffs & constables is only constutional peace keepers elected by the people? Someone robs or attacks you, you yourself gather the evidence and bring it to the sheriff. If valid the sheriff deputizes the militia to arrest the suspect and bring him before the judge and the depurltized militia is then un deputized till next event. You are to be armed and ensure order yourselves under constution and go to sheriff when needed. Standing armys are unconstutional. They were called red coats in 1700's. They are the enemy and unconstutional. The red coats changed their name in early 1830's to new name of police! They are the unconstutional arm of the rulers that elslave the people. Just thought this should be put out as only about 1% know this. Yes, illegal police need abolished and not replaced with anything but citizens and sheriff. There would be mass violence for a year or two as the system corrects itself but them peace and freedom would reign.

  3. Jesus Christ is the only way and is our only hope that’s it I’m not from America but the world will face its judgment let’s work on being on the right side of God

  4. If ppl want to wear their masks, let them. Believers need to be spreading the gospel of Christ Jesus. We should not be concerned about this world and where it is heading. Jesus Christ already told us what will come. Ppl should bring the same energy when they share the good news that the Lord is coming!

  5. Lol we need to Kill the Enemy. That's what's coming. The Son of Man the Lion of Judah. Wars coming and the enemy OBAMA AND HIS DEMONS are going to lose. Bye bye VATICAN AND THE FREEMASONS

  6. Folks please remember this..

    β€œMice die in mousetraps because they don’t know why the cheese is free, that’s exactly how socialism works.

    Please make sure you keep your focus on Jesus Christ. He is the only way to the truth.

  7. It's hard not to get ticked off at times when these ppl waltz around like their poop don't stink wle the rest of us are treated like a bunch of slaves just remember Jesu sis gonn deal with every single one of these tirants, it says in teh book of Enoch that God will send his angels to puck them all straight out of their multi million dollar hidey holes and plonk them right down in the middle of Meggido with everyne else he wil destroy so take heart brohers and sisters and stay close as u can to Jesus cos they wont get away with any of it.

  8. I feel that darkness that Brother Wayne is talking about. It's coming down. I hate communism and socialism. In 1964 my primos, or cousins, from Cuba had their bank accounts, businesses and homes stolen by Castro and his gang of cochinos. They lost EVERYTHING, but my family got to help them settle in the USA. and this is what antifah and the left want. Government dominance with no private ownership. It's all a bunch of lies. BDS, BLM Lies. G-d help us!

  9. Amen…I will go to other channel on sunday…could not find u last week…thank you Brother Levi…god bless you y your familia ..Happy Thanksgiving…ShalomπŸ§‘πŸ‚πŸŒ»πŸπŸ¦ƒπŸ€ŽπŸ•Š

  10. This is so sickening, all of it, it definitely seems planned, it's effecting everything and especially people .. only Satan could concoct this diobolical plan


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